Friday, 25 August 2017

This is a tweet from South African negro politician Andile Mngxitama, leader of the Black First Land First movement.

This negro has an amusing way with words. Another of his recent gems is: "Africans had universities when white people were still running naked in Europe, beating each other with clubs over the head and eating raw fish."

Of course the African universities are as mythical as Jews being turned into lampshades and soap.

The lippy negro's remarks came in response to Helen Zille, a white politician who dared to tweet that colonialism wasn't all bad:

"For those claiming legacy of colonialism was ONLY negative, think of our independent judiciary, transport infrastructure, piped water etc."

For saying this she was suspended from her political party (despite being the current premier of the Western Cape region). Despite uttering pathetic apologies, she is also being investigated by the South Africa Human Rights commission for a "violation of human dignity" through her words.

This woman was a noted anti-apartheid activist in her earlier years. She helped break the story about the death of Great Champion of Negro Freedom Steve Biko not being the result of a hunger strike, as originally claimed.

Once the brown people took over, none of that mattered. Just for saying that there were some positive aspects to colonialism, she has been branded a Nazi and a white supremacist. Nigson Mandela said the same thing, but he had the magical shield of brown skin. Lacking Brown Privilege, she now founds herself caught up in a maelstrom of Unreason. That's what it's like when the brown people take over your country. Let it be a lesson for ethnic Europeans the world over.


  1. It's true. Colonialism provided every land where it existed with a standard of living that the existing people could never have achieved on their own, and that goes for slaves in the U.S., as well.

  2. I don't see the people in Singapore complaining. Also, South Africa was settled, not colonized

  3. What would you even use jewish soap for? It would give you a rash.

  4. Blacks love to whine about crap like that. Because deep down, they know that w/o whites and colonialism, they would still be in the stone age