Tuesday, 15 August 2017

One of the sly rhetorical techniques Jews like to use is to justify their own racism by claiming it is a defensive response to the anti-Semitic racism directed against them. The truth, of course, is exactly the opposite. Jewish actions, motivated by their ethnocentric obsessions, inevitably foment a sense of defensive ethnic consciousness in the goyim, even where none existed before.

Here we have a particularly shameless example this rhetorical strategy, and of Jewish hypocrisy more generally, in response to the Charlottesville Car Shoah. The Jew denounces Europeans defending their ethnic identity but cites the episode as proof of the need to defend Jewish ethnic identity, perceiving no contradiction in his own words.

We begin with the standard Jewish two-step, expressing uncertainty about whether Jews are part of the majority or an oppressed minority. In practice, Jews demand the privileges of both, whichever is most advantageous in the context du jour.
Jews and non-Jews are drawn to debates about whether Jews are white. It’s the sort of question that captivates academics and activists, roping in everyone from Israeli “Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot to African American literary luminary James Baldwin. 
On the one hand, Jews have been discriminated against for centuries, including by white cultures from Nazi Germany to the United States. On the other, many Jews have attained a significant measure of acceptance, and many can often “pass” as white when not wearing traditional Jewish symbols. 
Implicitly at stake in this argument is whether efforts to combat racism should prioritize prejudice against Jews or whether other persecuted populations should take precedence. 
Personally, I’ve found this debate beside the point, and this weekend’s disturbing events in Charlottesville perfectly illustrate why: The white supremacists have already made their decision.

Here comes the demand for Jewish Privilege.
...At their Friday night rally at the University of Virginia, the white nationalists brandished torches and chanted anti-Semitic and Nazi slogans, including “blood and soil” (an English rendering of the Nazi “blut und boden”) and “Jews will not replace us” — all crafted to cast Jews as foreign interlopers who need to be expunged. 
...Jews are the only “white people” obsessively targeted by white supremacists. So are they really white, not at all or something in between? After Charlottesville, it’s clear we no longer have the luxury of debating the finer points of this question. For the time being, the racists have settled it for us. 
Racism, after all, is essentially the result of socially constructed categories imposed by bigots to separate out-groups from an in-group: white from nonwhites, Germans from Jews and so on. As such, any serious anti-racist effort needs to confront the racists where they are. 
When white supremacists are viciously attacking Jews as nonwhite impostors, then any anti-racists worthy of the name must be there to defend them. They cannot impose their own definitions of whiteness on Jews and sidestep their plight. Otherwise, they are simply ceding Jews to their assailants and effectively abetting their persecution.
The Jews are obviously concerned about being abandoned by the Left, losing their "Oppressed" membership card. The article is effectively a plea for Jews to be re-admitted to the club. "Black Lives Matter" has embraced the Palestinian cause. And Jewish preponderance in media, politics and academe hasn't gone unnoticed. "We're still oppressed even though we run everything!" the Jews shrilly insist to an increasingly doubtful, and increasingly brown-skinned, Left.
Jews understand this dynamic from hard experience. For this reason, Israel’s law of return guaranteeing citizenship to any Jew uses the Nazi definition of “one Jewish grandparent,” even as there is a contentious debate within the Jewish community over who exactly is a Jew. When it comes to countering prejudice, however, those concerns are set aside. Given the current moment, we must do the same in the United States. 
The question of whether Jews are white is a valuable and engaging one, especially to writers like me. But to debate the intersection of Jewish identity and whiteness tomorrow, we need to protect that Jewish identity today
Once the white supremacists are consigned to the ash heap of history, we can return to contesting claims of Jewishness and whiteness. Until then, however, the question is at best a distraction from fighting racism and at worst a path to perpetuating it.
So Israel's racist Law of Return isn't an expression of Jewish racism; it's a response to the racism of those evil Nazis. "We need to protect Jewish identity" against those evil goyim who, er, want to protect their identity. But when they do it, it's bad, you see. Because of slavery. And the Holocaust. And Henry Ford. Walt Disney. And Dostoyevsky.


  1. Just more circular logic by the hideous jews. While using the low IQ of the black and Hispanic to their advantage and activate them as weapons against Whites, jews didn't see that such a strategy was a double-edged sword. Virtually all blacks and Hispanics see jews as White people and don't consider them as a fellow "oppressed" group. It's difficult enough to convince some Whites that jews aren't also White, so blacks and Hispanics will continue to be deceived by appearances. As brown power continues to grow, South African style, jews may not be set apart from Whites for special privilege as much as they think.

    Interesting that this jewish speaker would look forward to the time when White nationalists are committed to the "ash heap of history". Hmmm, sounds like a holocaust to me.

  2. They took out the Daily Stormer. Lets hope that the site will be restored somewhere else in the net.