Wednesday, 23 August 2017

On Friday night, the three policewomen were in a pub on the Landstraße as part of their routine patrol when, on leaving the pub, they were stopped by an agitated man: his girlfriend had been groped by another guest and then beaten when she asked him to leave her in peace, he said. The man pointed out the perpetrator, a Syrian in a white T-shirt who was walking with two companions. 
When the policewomen wanted to check the identification documents of the Syrian suspects aged 21, 23 and 29, the trio immediately became aggressive and loudly insisted: "We done nothing!" The eldest struck out at the policewomen, and was then subdued and arrested. In the process, one policewoman was injured in the face and hand. As the 23-year-old also become more aggressive, he was also arrested - he also put up fierce resistance, injuring another policewoman. 
The youngest of the Syrians did not want to accept the arrest of his friends: According to witnesses he took off his belt and wanted to strike the three policewomen. Spirited passers-by intervened, however, to prevent his attack. The requested reinforcements finally arrived and took the 21-year-old Syrian into custody. All three violent immigrants were initially taken to a police cell.

This happened in Linz, Austria, where Hitler grew up. How would Der Führer have dealt with this problem?


  1. If events had transpired differently from WWII, it is unlikely the European Continent would be facing this, so far, successful invasion. In this respect, the deliberate propaganda of the so-called attempted genocide of jews has had the effect desired by its propagators, that of inhibiting, repressing and denying every normal, decent, moral response to such barbarism. This maleficent propaganda must be openly challenged and exposed, as has been the line about 'pogroms' in order to release Western man from his mental and almost physical prison of inaction.

    On a practical note, meaning no disparagement of the efforts of those Austrian policewomen, but the whole incident underlines the absurdity of sending women up against men who will have no hesitation in assaulting (with fists or weapons) women in an official capacity. And who dreamed up the idiotic idea of these policewomen generally wearing their hair in ponytails? Does one really have to spell out how an attacker could use that to his advantage, even breaking a policewoman's neck? That part of their 'uniform' should be done away with, forthwith.

    1. What a cretin, your fuhrer loved the Muzzies and deserved to lose for invading the USSR

  2. Something similar happened recently in Sweden, 1 refugee beated 3 policewomen