Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Tommy Robinson meets 12 Jews to beg for kosher certification. His employer (Ezra Levant) is Jewish. The lawyer (Robert Festenstein) he talks to in the video he makes is Jewish. He goes to Israel and proclaims himself a "Zionist". And what does he get for all this effort? 400 quid, a denunciation from the Board of Deputies and every other mainstream Jewish organisation, repudiation by the Jewish lawyer he spoke to and an article in the Jewish Chronicle warning Jews not to associate with him.

Will the poor deluded Gentile fools in the Counterjewhad movement ever wake up and acknowledge the role Jews are playing in facilitating the islamisation of Europe, or indeed their role (link) as collaborators of Muslims throughout history, including in the creation of Islam itself?
Members of Manchester’s Jewish community held a secret meeting with Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the far-right English Defence League. 
The controversial meeting, which took place in Prestwich last week, was billed as a charity fundraiser, but also saw Mr Robinson deliver a speech outlining his extreme views on Islam. 
...Jeremy Newmark, Jewish Labour Movement chairman, confirmed local activists from his organisation had been left “outraged” after learning of the event. 
Mr Newmark told the JC: "No ifs, no buts, Tommy Robinson is an enemy of our community. He is part of the same political tradition as the National Front and the BNP.”   
Mr Robinson has long attempted to court British Jews and has travelled to Israel, proclaiming himself to be a “Zionist”. 
In a video posted on the right-wing Youtube outlet Rebel Media on June 30, Mr Robinson is filmed introducing lawyer Robert Festenstein, a director of the Jewish Human Rights Watch group, in a feature about a Sunderland shopkeeper who was told to remove an anti-terrorism sign from the front of her shop. 
Mr Festenstein told the JC: "I was interviewed by Mr Robinson in connection with a matter where I am instructed by a client who has a potential dispute with Sunderland City Council. Mr Robinson is not my client and I have no association with him. "As far as any meeting in Manchester with Mr Robinson was concerned, I was not invited, nor did I attend such a meeting." 
In a statement, the Board of Deputies condemned last week’s meeting saying: “Tommy Robinson’s record of anti-Muslim provocation means that he could never be a partner of a respectable or mainstream Jewish organisation.” 
Tommy Robinson 🇬🇧 ✔ @TRobinsonNewEra 😂😂😂😂 people actually think I'm a Jew . I've gone full 360 over last 8 yrs. from people thinking I hate Jews to people thinking I am a Jew … 12:41 PM - 4 Jul 2017 
A spokesman for the left-wing Jewish Voice group said: “Tommy Robinson has been attempting to co-opt the Jewish community, trying to play on antisemitism among the Muslim community to cause tension between the two communities.” 
Mr Robinson confirmed on Twitter that the meeting took place. “This was from the talk I gave to Manchester Jewish community. Thank you guys for the donations,” he wrote. 
In a further post today, Mr Robinson added: "People actually think I'm a Jew. I've gone full 360 over last 8 yrs. From people thinking I hate Jews to people thinking I am a Jew." 
The event raised £400 for the AmeliaMae Foundation – a charity raising funds for people affected by the neuroblastoma condition. 
Mark Gardner, director of communications at the Community Security Trust said: “CST and our partner groups firmly oppose any such meeting between Jews and the likes of Tommy Robinson. 
"We should be clear, however, that a gathering of 12 people does not change the Jewish community’s overwhelming rejection of dead-end politics that only divide and damage British society.”


  1. I don't know, it's a good thing that he did meet with those Jews so we can all see what Jews really want out in the open.
    Archive link to Source.

  2. Tommy Robinson has been reuniting with his mentor, since he and all movement counte-jihadist is a Jewish creation.

  3. He could convert to Judaism officially and publicly and then he would be called a self hating jew by half the jewish community. LOL He cant win can he? I wonder if the general public will wake up to the perfidy of jews piddling on all other cultures. And using one culture to destroy another.

  4. I put up the link to a tweet by "Robinson" (one of many of the aliases of this convicted mortgage fraudster --- that fraud involved several people and was not 'merely' a case of him supposedly putting wrong information unknowingly on a mortgage request form, one of his accomplices was surnamed Rothschild) in which he declared, "I'm a Jew, mate". If true, he is probably partly so, and is therefore considered a 'mischling' and not a 'true' jew, rather like Ivanka Trump who has probably not been informed that it will take six generations until she and her descendants are considered 'true' jews, thus emphasising that the ideology is more race, than 'faith', based. Same with Mark Steyn who has been involved for some years in a dispute over the climate change extortion racket, his opponent in the case being jewish also, although Steyn is only 'partly' so. These mischlings are useful to the jews, both as supporters and when they can be used as adveraries to con the true non-jews (the 'goyim', cattle).


    Tommy robson is a multirracialism lover