Friday, 14 July 2017

Pork products have been struck from menus in nurseries and child care institutions run by the city government of Salzburg. The reason: "among other things, it's about the needs of Muslim children", declares ServusTV, citing a source within the office of the SPÖ [Socialist] deputy mayor Anja Hagenauer. 
For the most part, parents have reacted with surprise and rejection to this regulation, which apparently has been "silently" in force for a while. 
Hagenauer's office confirmed to "Servus Nachrichten" that this requirement has been applied for some time - both for health reasons and out of regard for Islamic food laws, according to which pork is prohibited. 
According to the report of the private broadcaster, the deputy mayor attempted to play the matter down to there was no "decree" on the subject, she said, but at the same time she confirmed that "no pork has been served for around five years." This had "emerged from the practice of the institutions." Children prefer chicken or turkey schnitzels, declared the deputy mayor. 
Along with Bregenz, Salzburg is now the second state capital where pork is no longer offered in nursery schools.


  1. No, it is not that children (or adults) PREFER chicken or turkey, it is that they are not given any choice and the children are intended to grow up having no such culinary experience. Let's see if Salzburgers actually care enough about their cultural destruction as a people to do anything about this, such as public protests, sit-ins at city government offices, targetting the mayor and deputy mayor with derision and concerted plans to remove them electorally from their present positions, and protests outside mosques charging them with failure to culturally adapt and of trying to inflict Sharia Law on Salzburg. These are the types of political protests which authorities never expect from their complacent public and it would be quite an effective shocker.