Tuesday, 11 July 2017


  1. I can't say it enough: DUMP Amazon. After they banned the Confederate flag and digitally burned over 170 books on holocaust truth with one peck of their DELETE key, why would any White person who has a reasonable understanding of what's going on in the world with regard to their race even think about patronizing them? Soon we'll hear that Bach had a Tunisian concubine to which he sired children he heartlessly refused to recognize, one of which went on to become an amazing composer who was horribly repressed because of his mulatto nature, proving it's not only Whites who have the gift of timeless, classical composition. Look at how they tried to smear Thomas Jefferson's legacy with the Sally Hemmings lie. It will either be that or some unnamed swarthy assistant will be revealed to have been the "real" genius behind Bach's most famous compositions, but was never given due credit. It sounds preposterous, but for the masses who are clueless about their own history, it will be unquestioningly accepted as truth. I've found plenty of Wikipedia entries of historical figures that contain completely fabricated details about their lives to support the false idea of a multicultural past for Whites. One such person is Christopher Ludwick, who played an integral role in the American revolution at Valley Forge. His Wikipedia page now states that he took an "Indian princess" for a wife after his one and ONLY wife died. The shocking thing is that like Jefferson, this can be easily disproved by original documents and such, but since no one bothers to check these things, the jews running Wikipedia can say anything they want and reshape history for the ignorant masses at the same time. If it's on the internet, TV or comes out of Hollywood, it has to be true, right? When the people who actually know real history are gone, the lies will become "truth" because there will be no one left to challenge them. We need to publicly call out things like these culturally inappropriate CD covers and not be afraid of whatever the jews decide to call us for doing so. We must beat back the creeping hand that's stealing our history and erasing us from existence.