Saturday, 29 July 2017

Last night I watched "King Arthur - Legend of the Sword" made by director Guy Ritchie (Madonna's ex-wife). In it, King Arthur is portrayed as an east-end wide boy, a cockney geezer who runs a brothel and is involved in petty crime. One of his stalwart knights, "the bold Sir Bedivere", is the African Djimon Hounsou (shown above). Nor is he the only negro in King Arthur's "crew".

But negroes aren't the only ones in the round table posse who are swart of skin. It seems "King Arthur" learned his fighting skills from a bunch of Chinamen, who set up a kung-fu school in Londonistan of what must be around the 5th century AD.

In case you weren't getting the multicultural point yet, there is more. The baddie, Vortigern, played by Jude Law, performs a kind of Hitlerian salute to the assembled multitude.


It seems that no aspect of European peoplehood, not even our history or mythology, can be allowed to remain unvitiated. The King Arthur legend - originally a stirring tale of British patriotism in which the king rallied the indigenous people in the face of foreign invasion - is now perversely reworked to become an instrument of pro-invasion propaganda.

The baddies are posh white Nazis, while the heroes are a multicultural posse of negroes, chinks and working-class cockneys. In reality, of course, it is rich white guys like Guy Ritchie who are using the brownskins as an instrument of class and ethnic warfare against the ordinary indigenous people of Britain and Europe.


    We wuz kangz.....Even Buddha was black.

  2. I've said it 1,000 times. One of the best ways Whites can exert their power and de-fund the forces that are working toward our demise is to DUMP HOLLYWOOD. Stop seeing movies in the theater or paying for them online. Cancel your cable TV, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon subscriptions. If even 10% of all Whites could do this, Hollywood would experience devastating losses because Whites are still the majority of the movie-going public. This includes live theater, too. The Broadway show "Hamilton" is a mockery of America's founding fathers, all Brits, who are played by all black and Puerto Rican actors. Of course, the baddie in the cast, King George III is portrayed as a buffoon and the only White performer in the show that features a score full of rap music. How much are we willing to take before we've had enough and stop funding our own public humiliation, dispossession and destruction? It's not difficult to dump Hollywood when this is what they're producing, along with nothing but prequels, sequels, remakes and super hero trash. Even watching films that supposedly don't blackwash White history or push race-mixing still puts money in the pockets of our enemies to fund all the efforts against us. Dump Hollywood and show we still have a voice...that we still matter.

  3. I have no television i dont go to theaters and i never pay for a single movie item my funding of Hollywood is minus lmfao fuck em .
    Hey george clowny i heared you had to ditch two off your million dollar mansions one in the UK one in Italie due to migrant threats :)
    Still happy and endorsing refugees ? you guck