Sunday, 2 July 2017

There has been an amusing incident at a ceremony in London held every year to commemorate the "British" people who went to join the Communist effort at suppressing democracy in 1930s Spain. (See this earlier post "Franco was Right" if you have been brainwashed into believing that the anti-Communist forces were in the wrong). One of the people giving a speech at the event said the "struggle of the Palestinians" was the modern equivalent of this conflict. At that point a Jew got up, denounced him, refused to lay his wreath, walked out in a huff then promptly wrote an article in the Jewish Chronicle complaining about "antisemitism".

Two points here are worthy of note.

First, Jews usually say it is antisemitic to draw a connection between diaspora Jews and Israel. But here we have an example of the Jews themselves making that connection. The speaker said absolutely nothing about Jews. He was simply criticising the actions of a foreign government. But the Jews themselves insist a criticism of that foreign government is a criticism of them ("antisemitism"). This works both ways. If Jews insist on that connection, they themselves become liable for the actions of the Israeli government.

Second, the incident has brought forth some interesting admissions from the Jews about their massively disproportionate involvement in the anti-patriotic and anti-democracy cause in Spain. Usually Jews are wary of acknowledging their involvement in Communist movements, but here they are actually boasting about it.

Here are  some extracts from the article written by the Jew who walked out.
Every year I attend the commemoration of the huge number of Jews who fought against Fascist Spain in the Spanish Civil War and especially those who went from UK and Israel (measured as per head of population, the Israeli group was the biggest of any of the 53 nations who sent volunteers). 
I lay a beautiful Star of David poppy wreath and always get a huge warm welcome and round of applause. 
...To make Jews unwelcome on such an event in which Jews played a major part – 25 per cent of all the International Brigade were Jews and 15 per cent of the UK battallion were Jews despite being only half of one per cent of the UK population - is profoundly antisemitic and I suspect that is why over many, many years the International Brigade Memorial Trust have deliberately never politicised the meetings and deviated from the commemoration format.


  1. Excellent point about criticism of jews and criticism of israel.

  2. One of the first things Theresa May did as the new 'prime minister' of Britain was to agree to the Jewish attempt to establish a 'world-wide' definition of "anti-semitism" which includes the provision that criticism of Israel which equates its actions with that of the 'Nazis' (the elected National Socialist Workers Party of Germany in the 30s) is a form of "anti-semitism", thereby neatly evading the factual realities of Israel's land-grabbing, unnecessary hostilities against Palestinians (who include, historically, Christians as well as Moslems), its anti-Christian measures (against Christian public proselytising, same as Islam, of course), selling Jewish babies to US Jews (slavery) to raise money for 'the State', conducting medical 'experiments' on Yemeni Jewish babies and children (sometimes resulting in their deaths), allowing massive billion dollar scams to be carried out against non-Jews (Israel only acted when Jews were affected by the con), etc, etc. In fact, it is probably unlikely that the Germans did many of these things; it would seem that, as with so much else, this is a case of deflection to obscure what they have done historically. The Jews have just had a setback, it seems, with courts in Britain not supporting the legislation designed to prevent companies from exercising their freedom of choice in deciding to not trade with Israeli companies or sell their produce in Britain (a form of boycott, which the Jews began against South Africa, and Russia, but which they object to having inflicted on themselves).