Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Palio dei Normanni is an annual event held in the city of Piazza Armerina in Sicily that commemorates the 11th century Norman conquest of the island from the Saracens. It typically features costumed parades and re-enactments of the battles.

A graphic that was being used to publicise the event showed a fire behind a mosque and a knight wearing a modern-style helmet. As soon as this was published on the Facebook page of the organisers, they started to come under pressure from the local newspaper and prefect. The newspaper claimed that the image showed a mosque on fire, pointed out that ISIS propaganda had shown the Vatican on fire and argued that the image put visitors in jeopardy because of the possibility of a Muslim revenge attack. It insisted that the graphic could encourage violence against Muslims "in an area where anti-Arab stories are still told".

The organisers then changed the graphic to the one shown below, claiming that the earlier version had only been a provisional draft copy.



  1. Yes, it is disgusting how the Lying Traitorous Media (LTM) attempts to deny a people's history, and their deliverance from tyranny. The new 'graphic' is even more "incendiary" (to both Moslems and the LTM) because it is an IKON (an image, 'logos' from the Greek) of the Mother of God and of Our Lord. Both the Jewish Talmud and the Islamic Koran reject Mary as the Mother of God because they reject Jesus Christ (the Talmud is scathing in its dismissal of Christ and very offensive over Mary, and the Koran says that 'allah' has no others beside itself, no 'lord'). The IKON was pronounced by the Christian Councils of the Early Christian Church as the proper art form by which to represent the Lord, His Mother and the Saints. Ikons are object of veneration, NOT 'worship' by Christians, especially Orthodox Christians, and both the Jews when they ran the Soviet Union and the Moslems when they conquered or invaded Christian countries, destroyed or defaced hundreds of thousands of ikons (and churches) over the centuries. Yet Russia remains Christian, and so do most Europeans, Eastern or Western. To the Lord belongs the final victory which is Love.