Monday, 3 July 2017

After the violent death of two pensioners on Friday in Linz, interviews with the suspect have brought a political motive to light. The 54-year-old Muslim, who has been living in Austria since 1989, has had many negative experiences which, subjectively, he has projected on to the FPÖ [Freedom Party of Austria - a patriotic, anti-immigration party]. With his crime, he wanted to set an example to society. 
The Tunisian had long had the feeling that, as a Muslim and a foreigner, he was not welcome. Added to that was that fact that he was charged and convicted of animal cruelty in 2011. The police said that the suspect falsely assumed that the man who filed a complaint against him was an FPÖ functionary. 
The 54-year-old developed a growing hatred for society and especially for the FPÖ, said the police commissioner for Upper Austria, Andreas Pilsl, on Saturday in a background discussion about the motives of the suspect. He blamed the party and society for many negative experiences he had had - for example when, in his opinion, he was not well treated at the employment service or when his minimum benefits were cut. 
A few days before the bloody crime in Linz he is said to have decided to set an example to society. As victims he chose the 87-year-old man and his 85-year-old wife, whom he believed to have some relation to the FPÖ, which may not have been the case however. The two had not treated the Tunisian badly; they had even given him financial support. According to Pilsl, the man admitted that he knows that the crime wasn't right and the two victims actually didn't know anything about his situation. However, he decided to revenge himself on society. 
The 54-year-old had recently been working in a company owned by his partner, an Austrian convert, as a food delivery agent. Twice a week he brought goods to the elderly couple. On Friday, under his apron he hid a belt, a wooden stick, a knife and a fuel canister. First he strangled the unsuspecting woman, then he killed the man with the knife and stick. Afterwards he started a fire. The fire brigade discovered the corpses of both victims not much later. 
Shortly afterwards the suspect handed himself into the police. ... In the interview he said he first thought about drowning himself in the Danube, but then decided to hand himself over.


  1. ...Swept under the rug here in Austria. Hardly any media coverage, let alone the least bit of indignation. Any, even the slightest, opposition to immigration is painted as Nazi attitude. And there is tacit consent in the mainstream population that violence, even lethal, is an acceptable means in the "fight against Nazism".
    On the other hand, people are losing jobs here for criticizing the immigrant crime wave. We have become a totalitarian dictatorship of the one and only admissible opinion.