Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The ideology of equality is on a collision course with reality, and the impact point is going to be Islam. We should never doubt the profundity of the change processes that are underway. Ten years ago I was a Bush-hating leftie who regarded the Guardian as my intellectual home. It was the Guardian comment section's practice of ruthless censorship on anything related to race, immigration or, especially, Islam that started me on my journey towards the Right and eventual understanding. After my politics had decisively changed, I used to go back to the Guardian comment section sometimes and drop toned-down nuggets of truth to try and disrupt the complacency of the lefties. The accounts I used to do this were constantly put on "pre-moderation", meaning my comments had to be pre-approved before they would appear. In practice, this meant they almost never appeared. Whenever this happened, I would just create a new account. I must have gone through about 20 accounts there.

Now when I see comments on anything related to immigration, race or Islam on the Guardian site, they are very much the kind of things I might say myself. There has been an absolute revolution in sentiment within 10 years. For that reason the Guardian now routinely turns off the comments on most articles related to these topics or turns them on only briefly.

We can also see signs of this change in sentiment in conspiracy-mongering websites like the ones run by Alex Jones. Not that long ago, these sites would push the idea that innocent Muslims were being framed for things they hadn't done. Apparent Jihad attacks were, in reality, being carried out by our own governments to gain more power. That idea has clearly become untenable. They now feature regular anti-Islam content and have Tommy Robinson on as a guest. The alleged "conspiracy" among elite circles now is said to be one intended to promote islamisation and to exculpate Muslims for things they really have done. This represents a 180 degree shift in perspective.

Polls show that 47% of British people and 55% of Europeans generally would support a ban on immigration from mainly Muslim countries. In a sense, then, we have already won. Minds have been changed. Why, then, is there so little manifestation of it publicly?

A major part of the problem is inflexibility of our political systems. Trump succeeded because he was able to hijack one of the two major parties in rigidly two-party system. Brexit succeeded because it stood outside conventional party politics. Le Pen failed but we shouldn't underestimate the significance of the share of the vote she received, which is probably the biggest vote in favour of radical change within our civilisation ever in its modern history. The Hitler conditioning could not plausibly be applied to Trump or Brexit in the way it could to Le Pen and, for all parties espousing the cause of European survival, it is Adolf Hitler that is our principal adversary; or, rather, the demonic image of Adolf Hitler that has been conjured in the public mind after decades of Semitic conditioning. That one third of the French people were willing to disregard all of that and vote for Le Pen nonetheless is a extraordinary thing.

The ruling class monopolises the public sphere of politics and media and is therefore able to create the illusion of normality. We should not let ourselves be fooled by it. There are subterranean changes processes underway that will ultimately transform our civilisation radically. The closest historical analogies I can think of are the Protestant Reformation and the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment comparison is paradoxical in a way because it is the ideas of the Enlightenment, as expounded in the French revolution - human rights, equality, the substitution of state-assigned identity ("citizenship) for one based on ancestry - that are bringing about our current catastrophe. The Left have recreated the same kind of theocratic tyranny they originally started out opposing - with the Religion of Equality taking the place of Christianity.

When decades of accumulating discontent have created a combustible atmosphere, what lights the spark that ignites it? There's no way to predict in advance. But it will come. The Muslims will ensure that it will come. At the moment, these idiot jihadis are attacking major cities where defences are at their most strongest. Armed police turn up within a few minutes. Special forces swoop down in helicopters. If they went to smaller towns or villages, they would be able to go on slaughtering for hours with no one to stop them. They could kill hundreds of people. Something like that could be the trigger for revolutionary rage.

The fault line is Islam, but when the rage quake breaks those of concerned with the survival of European peoplehood must strive to ensure that it is not confined to Islam. Fundamentally, Islam afflicts us because our countries are being repopulated by ethnic aliens. And, as I have tried to demonstrate in a series of articles, at the root of Islam lies the Jew. Jews created Islam; Jews have promoted Islam; Jews lobbied for the immigration policies that have brought Islam amongst us and Jews agitated for the "hate speech" laws that prevent us from talking freely about its consequences. The intimate connection between Jews and Islam is the world's most potent knowledge. If successfully disseminated, it could bring about revolutionary change within our civilisation and the Islamic world.

As we see the parade of platitudes after every jihad attack, it is easy to fall into despair. But we should resist that temptation. Those platitudes make themselves ridiculous through repetition, especially when jihad attacks occur in quick succession, and, away from public notice, anger is continually growing. Of course, the alien demographic is continually growing too. So we are in a race against time between dawning awareness in the European population, and the growing numerical strength of the non-European population. Nevertheless, we can have confidence that, in the end, almost everyone of European ethnicity will think the way we do now. Events will force them towards us for the simple reason that we are right. People are not all the same. Ethnicity does matter. There is no common sense of ethics built into human nature. Islam is not a religion of peace. And Jews are not an innocent race of victims persecuted for no reason. We are just ahead of the curve in realising these things. Everything that happens, everything that ever has happened and everything that ever will happen is, was and will be consistent with out belief system because our belief system is correct. The belief system of our antagonists is founded on a denial of reality, repudiation of human nature and suppression of truth. That means it is destined to fail.


  1. I have never had time for Alex Jones, who always struck me as being towards the loonier end of the spectrum. Here’s his sidekick Paul Joseph Watson whitewashing the Jews:

    ‘People who are obsessed with Jews controlling the world never seem to present any evidence. I mean, I read the news every day, I track narratives that the mainstream media come out with, I don’t see a big Jewish influence. I mean, Jewish people aren’t really that present, you don’t really notice them anywhere. I don’t believe in this Jewish conspiracy because nobody presents any real credible hard-core evidence that it’s taking place. So, I mean, it is an obsession, and that’s why people avoid it, let’s be honest, because it’s an obsession that you don’t want to be associated with, neo-Nazis and white supremacists. If I saw actual evidence where it was a grand conspiracy then I would talk about it but I just don’t see it.’

  2. Awesome. This was needed given all the "5PT" black pills. 5PT is not a well thought out or even reasonable appraisal of our situation IMO.



  5. Alex Jones (married to a Jew), as well as Rebel Media and Breitbart (both owned by Jews), along with Stephen Molyneaux are all controlled opposition. Andrew Breitbart himself was a Jew, and the organization ran their own news stories touting their Jewish origins, owner and administration.

    Muslims, as the biological weapons of the Jews, pose innumerable dangers in every White country into which they have been trafficked by the millions. However, there are many incidents like the recent one in London, that seem less than spontaneous for obvious reasons and wreak of the problem-reaction-solution motive in order for governments to enact even more restrictive laws and privacy violations on their own people. Britain is already the most surveilled country in the world and still the abuse of rights Theresa May has suggested after this recent "event" are breathtaking.

    With regard to those poll numbers, let's keep in mind who runs the media. I believe the percentages of Whites all over the world who oppose immigration entirely are much higher. Why don't we see any manifestation of this resolve publicly, you ask? It's simple. No one wants to get shot by their own government, end up in prison or lose their livelihood and have their reputation completely destroyed. Even so, these are exactly the kinds of sacrifices that will be required for us to regain our autonomy and right to self-determination, and nothing less. No longer can we vote our wa out of this. We can't work within the system because the system itself is completely corrupt and broken. People know exactly what will be required of them to achieve lasting change, and it scares them, naturally. Still, as awful and terrifying as it is now, we haven't reached rock bottom, yet. How much abuse and degradation can Whites take? Who knows? I hope we don't have to find out what our rock bottom looks like and that people wake up to the reality that 1.) there is real strength in numbers and 2.) mass non-compliance will render any law null and void.

  6. "Ten years ago I was a Bush-hating leftie who regarded the Guardian as my intellectual home."

    Personally i was always right wing, even as a teen, and actually supported Bush (before learning about the JQ), so i guess i have no heart. :)

    The joke aside, i was right wing because i was from an anti-communist family, we illegaly listened to blocked western media such as VOA, DW, etc.

  7. Thanks for this post, it was stirring and a huge morale boost. After the last raft of flaccid platitudes I had just about given up hope for Britain but you have pulled me back from the brink.