Friday, 16 June 2017

Italy used to have the sexiest fascist in the form of Alessandra Mussolini, grand-daughter of Il Duce and niece of Sophia Loren. But time takes its toll on all of us, and Alessandra is now 54. Step forward Fiamma Negrini to fill the gap in the marketplace.

The internet is all a-rage with photos of Fiamma Negrini, the 20-year-old girl elected to Sermide-Fellonica municipal council, in Mantovano. Registered in the list of "Fasci del lavoro" [Italian Fasci of Labour], she took 10.42% of the vote, provoking some controversy. 

Laura Boldrini [leftist eco-warrior who used to work for UN refugee agency] has written to the minister Marco Minniti expressing "great puzzlement in a legal level" about why a party was allowed on to the electoral list that "explicitly evokes the names and images of the fascist party". And the response of the Home Office came quickly. The prefect of Mantova "has dismissed the officials responsible for the last electoral sub-commission for the district of Mantova". No effect on the result of the polls, the dismissal will only affect the next round of elections.

Urgent questions have been announced in parliament about the Fasci italiani del Lavoro, also to minister Minniti: Partito Democratico, Articolo 1 Mdp and Sinistra Italiana [Italian Left] are requesting explanations from the Home Office. The same request has arrived from the ANPI [for former members of the Italian "resistance"], while the Unione delle Comunità ebraiche [Union of Jewish Communities] is viewing developments in the case with concern. 


Her name Fiamma means "flame". The name of the party is Fasci italiani del Lavoro. For comparison, Benito Mussolini's party was called Fasci Italiani di combattimento [of combat].

According to newspaper reports on her Facebook page she has as her profile the words "Boia chi molla!", a slogan used by Mussolini and still popular on the Italian far-right and even taken up by patriots in other European countries. It means something like "Whoever yields is a traitor!".



  1. leftists = bolsheviks = promoters of self destruction and genocide can go to hell