Tuesday, 13 June 2017


  1. Speaking of Ramadan, that fire in Grenfell Tower in London was at a block which appears to have had between 400-600 residents, mainly Moslem, and occurred in the early hours before sunrise. One's first thought is someone was busily at work on his home-made bomb device (which would explain witnesses hearing explosions); the refrigerator on fire story the lying media are going with is so weak it doesn't bear repeating whilst a bomb on the other hand would explain how fire quickly spread and possibly triggered off other explosives in the building and, coupled with dubious building construction and use of cladding, added to the death toll. But the thought also arises of hundreds of these 'overseas victims' as lying media terms them, eating meals on open fires in the apartments as part of Ramadan. Media is dead silent on these two possibilities probably because it has constructed a scenario of rich white landlords vs poor non-white 'refugees' (though every report I've seen has oddly avoided that word in describing any of the victims or even the survivors, yet there is mention of men living there who fled 'war ravaged Syria').