Thursday, 1 June 2017

Brownskin Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff helpfully explains why browns should be allowed to exclude whites but not the other way round.
In contrast to Nyansapo, self-organised “white spaces” – think far-right groups – are almost always layered with prejudice and the flawed notion of ethnic superiority. They are made in opposition to diversity and multiculturalism – and that, coupled with the uniquely powerful positions white people hold in society, is why they are unacceptable and reek of segregation. Black-only spaces rarely exist for the same purpose; instead they are founded on the basis of the true lived experiences of struggle. By denying white people entry to them we are not reflecting existing power structures, we are trying to subvert them. 
This is certainly the case for the Nyansapo festival, which is organised by Mwasi, a black feminist organisation formed in 2014 by those who felt underrepresented in the French anti-racist scene. The festival will be the first one Mwasi has held, and apparently the first black feminist festival in France. Its aim is to create safe spaces with the opportunity to discuss black feminism, anti-racism, Islamophobia, homophobia, transphobia and other forms of systemic oppression.

Blackspace already exists. It's called Africa. Admittedly, it's not exactly a "safe space", what with all the cannibals, rampaging machete mobs, AK47-wielding militants and the like, not forgetting the lions, tigers, snakes and gorillas. But at least you can be free from the "scourge of racism", dear. Think about relocating. Or someone else should make the decision for you.


  1. I know it should be nothing new by now, but sometimes the hypocrisy, ignorance and entitlement of these people is still breathtaking. The fact that they can denigrate White America so viciously while at the same time never grasping the fact that EVERY modern comfort, advancement and advantage they enjoy today is BECAUSE of White America and that they live in America is astonishing. It's just a raw, naked display of their low intellect and part of the reason they're toxic to our society. They're right about one thing: we don't belong together and never did, as Thomas Jefferson and even Abraham Lincoln stated on many occasions. Without Whites, and I'll even go so far as saying without slavery that brought their ancestors to America, they'd be squatting bare-assed in the bush with a bone through their nose somewhere in Nigeria right now. That's the truth.