Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Decent video from Paul Weston, even though he is part of the GoV Counterjewhad crowd and apparently has something personal against me.

It would probably be better that the civil war started sooner rather than later, given the demographic shifts underway. Unfortunately, I very much doubt that this half-mad drunk guy swerving his van into a crowd of Muslims - and possibly not even killing any of them, since the fatality may have been caused by a medical problem - was the Archduke Ferdinand assassination of our time. People made similar predictions about the Breivik massacre.


  1. The most obvious fact about the counterjewhad, apart from its role as a front for jewish interests and the number of jews actually running most of its sites (at least, according to Ned May {Baron Bodissey} of Gates of Vienna site), is that, of course, it never stands out against immigration, migration, invasion, intended genocide of the white race or alerts its dumbed-down followers as to who is largely responsible for machinations to support this invasion. It is only interested in ensuring that tensions between Westerners and Moslems will eventually erupt in a massive blood bath, killing off the majority of Christian Europeans, Americans, Australians, and leaving them in a leadership position to enjoy the spoils (probably along with their co-religionists, the Moslems). Weston, I believe, is married to a Romanian 'immigrant' to the UK. You can always tell the content of this CJ sites by how they gloat over what is happening, especially to the British and the Germans and speak of how Europeans 'brought it on themselves.' Quite immoral, those people. Also, were there to be a genuine 'civil war', most "leaders" and supra national entities' heads (EU, for example), would feel the effects of Nemesis for their traitorous behaviour.

  2. I think the "Baron" is mainly interested in raking in enough cash from his quarterly fund-raisers.

    I didn't know Weston was married to a Romanian. He did seem to go into a huff with me when I raised the question of the ethnic survival of the European peoples, pointing out that the problem wasn't just Islam. I think he gets that actually; just deems it impolitic to say so out loud, like the JQ, which he may also have some inkling of, but knows that it would be social death to talk about, even among his coterie of vaunted thought criminals.

  3. Weston has always sounded a total phony to me: his statement that most people have not 'awakened' to the real threat of Islam is standard counterjewhad insult and mockery because the CJ knows perfectly well that, because the media in all forms of communication is largely controlled and dominated by jews and has been for decades (centuries in some cases), that it is not a matter of people being somnolent (with the implication of stupidity and indifference) but, rather, that they are kept deliberately uninformed or lied to with false narratives. As for his remark about hoping that no violence would be visited upon moslems, this, too, is an insult to a people's sense of their own nationhood and ethnic integrity, implying that people should not respond to what are acts of warfare against them by alien invaders (though I am certain he will stoutly defend israelis presumably beating back the savage horde seeking to invade their 'state.' ) So many of these CJ speakers are really there only to keep people riled, yet on a tight leash designed to fight israel's wars with the moslems and thus expend the lifeblood of Christian Europeans but never to protect their own and defend their own borders. Oh, and they seldom neglect to trot out the asinine phrase "Judeo-Christian" with its subliminal reference to "the holocaust" and thus to act as a restraint on justifiable European instincts of self-defence and protection of their own peoples and borders.