Monday, 12 June 2017

“Welcome to BDS News! Where we pretend to care about Palestinians, but really just want to see Israel disappear!” 
Thus opens one of the videos the Israeli government hopes will go viral in what is billed as a new large-scale “cyber second strike” campaign. Supported and spearheaded by the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, the campaign enlists Israel’s supporters as foot soldiers against online efforts to “demonize” and “undermine” the country’s legitimacy.  
The campaign, branded as under the slogan “Stop the Hate,” is being paired with a mobile application developed by a trio of organizations in the U.S. and Israel. Two of them – the Israeli-American Council and the Maccabee Task Force – are nearly solely funded by American Jewish billionaire and casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who is also Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s buddy. The third partner is the Interdisciplinary Center in Herziliya, to which Adelson is a major donor. 
The app – geared to digitally-aware millennials – turns Israel advocacy into a competitive game  in which young defenders perform “missions” on various social media platforms, earning points and badges. The missions include sharing and retweeting positive news about Israel, reporting and complaining about designated YouTube and Facebook posts to the platform's companies, signing online petitions and even emailing UNESCO’s director general to ask that her organization “stop their bias towards Israel.” 
The initiative was unveiled with fanfare last week in New York City at the Salute to Israel Parade by Minister of Strategic Affairs Gilad Erdan, who promoted the project as being an “Iron Dome of Truth.” 
While this is not the first time the Israeli government is involved in online advocacy, the new effort has more aggressive messaging than in the past – promoting positive messages about Israel, but also strongly encouraging people to post negative comments against posts determined to be “lies” and “fake news,” and to lobby platforms like Facebook and YouTube to take down material deemed damaging to Israel’s image. 
On the app’s instructional video, a perky blonde blogger named Stephanie explains that there are “many groups that try to delegitimize Israel online.” Icons for various pro-Palestinian groups then pop up in the background. “The key to counter their efforts in the palm of your hand,” Stephanie says. She then explains how to “complete the missions” on the app, promising that each time one is done, the user will be “rewarded with points that get you cool prizes.” 
The targets of the “missions” are widespread. One involves going on a website called Lifezette and commenting on an article headlined “Courtney Love Calls Out Pro-Palestinian ‘Feminist.’” The app actively cheers and coaches users on how to complete their mission: “Courtney Love-Cobain called out Linda Sarsour for her false ‘feminist’ agenda. Leave a comment to show some support for Courtney!” and continues, “Get Creative! It is always best to say your opinion in your own words. Try to come up with something nice for Courtney Love-Cobain for uncovering Linda Sarsour’s janus-faced character.” 
"The State of Israel is under constant attack by de-legitimizers working to demonize Israel online and undermine our legitimacy as the nation-state of the Jewish People,” Erdan said in his statement announcing the project, calling it an “international effort to unite Israel's supporters around the globe” in what he called a game-changer in defending Israel online and around the world.
...The central video promoting the campaign stars former Miss Israel Titi Aynaw and Israeli actress Ariel Mortman. Scantily clad in a series of tight outfits, the two women stalk a young man throughout his day and whisper seductively in his hear that “you know the truth about Israel” and that he must “tell the whole world the truth” about the “false and biased coverage online and in the media.” 
...The project is the latest initiative of a ministry described in an in-depth report in Haaretz as a place whose “internal terminology comes from the world of espionage and security; its leading figures appear to see themselves as the heads of a public affairs commando unit engaged in multiple fronts, gathering and disseminating information about people they define as ‘supporters of the delegitimization of Israel.’”


  1. It is always darkest before the dawn and it sounds as if they, the enemy within, are worried that facts and the truth are being spoken, heard and seen. Remember, in lashon hara, jewish law (halakah), nothing must be said, heard or even thought, EVEN THE TRUTH ITSELF, if, in so doing, it might cause dissension, offend the hearers or cause problems for the community (the jews). A millenia and a half, at least, before 'political correctness', or the Frankfurt School of cultural marxism (mainly staffed by jews), was known. On any site facing such propaganda, this doctrinal restriction on freedom of speech and even mind control, should be raised so people will be aware of how long this battle has been waged, first within and against their own people by those who wanted total power (jewish priests and then the rabbis once judaism became talmudic) and then against the rest of humanity. Also, the question should be put on sites, how does all this support for israel tally with supression of freedom of speech via holocaust denial laws (which perfectly mimic Lashon Hara by seeking to stop speech and thought by threatening prison (and possibly, loss of jobs, education, social benefits)?

    The Truth ultimately wins.

  2. Non-thinking humanoid drones for Israel, UNITE! The Jews just keep winding up the crank keys in the backs of their army of automatons. They're so stupid. Don't they see how this whole thing wreaks of "Me thinketh thou dost protest too much." Any nation that's conducting itself in an honest and upright way that supports freedom does NOT need a global public relations campaign to convince other nations of that or to get people to like it. In fact, the harder they try, the more it just confirms the opposite of what they want others to think. Just more online astroturfing from Israel. Liars and hypocrites.

  3. @Cheradenine

    Richard Spencer recently released 6 concise, but heavy-hitting tweets reg. Sharia marches organized by Zionist Brigitte Gabriel. I really applaud him for deliniating the position of folks like us so clearly. There are folks out there who have doubted Spencer's level of sophistication and competence, but this should erase much of that.

    Tweet 1(the rest are attached to it):

    I think they're worth addressing on this blog.

    1. The concept of "Counterjewhad" distils that critique down to a single word. From a google search earlier, I see that it has gained some traction independently of me. Popularise it a bit more. Tweet it back to Spencer. I've avoided Twitter myself, but maybe I should get on it.

    2. Oh, I am definitely using it! If you join twitter(which you should), add me and we'll continue popularizing it together! I found another guy on twitter who's updated on it. Networks of this nature can gain traction.

      If you have an email account that you can post here, I'll send you some deets. Or, I can post mine here and you can just delete the comment after you read it.

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