Friday, 16 June 2017

A couple of weeks ago (link) I published an admission by a Jewish historian that the Jews had effectively created Islam by manipulating Mohammed and using him as a proxy. (Incidentally, the entire article I quoted from can now be downloaded here (link).)

In an essay called "Islam", another Jewish historian, Immanuel Deutsch, also effectively admits that the Jews created Islam. I'll be quoting from this essay in a series of posts. I don't want to do a huge info dump all at once since too much complexity will just bamboozle people.

First, some background on the author. Immanuel (sometimes written as Emanuel) Deutsch (1829-1873) was a Jew born in Germany who became a master of many languages and a noted expert on the Talmud. He moved to Britain where he worked at the British library and published essays on mostly Middle-Eastern themes that achieved widespread recognition. The novelist George Eliot met him, was captivated by him and even received Hebrew lessons from him. Her novel "Daniel Deronda" bears the imprint of this contact.

Enormously influential in its day, it was an early example of philosemitism and even proto-Zionism. The Jewish historian Nahum Sokolow declared later that Daniel Deronda had paved the way for the Balfour Declaration, which led to the emergence of modern Israel. Even Theodor Herzl, usually described as the founder of Zionism, acknowledged that it was Eliot's novel that first inspired him to take up the cause.
First of all, What is the literal meaning of Islam, the religion of a Muslim? We find that name Muslim already applied to those Hanifs, of whom we have spoken above, who had renounced, though secretly, idolatry before Mohammed, and had gone out to seek the "religion of Abraham," which Mohammed finally undertook to re-establish
The Semitic root of the word Muslim yields a variety of meanings, and accordingly Muslim has had many interpretations. But in all these cases even as is now becoming so universally clear in the terms of the New Testament it is as useless to go back to the original root for the elucidation of some special or technical, dogmatic, scientific, or other term of a certain period, as it is to ask those for an explanation who lived to use that same term long after it had assumed an utterly new, often the very opposite, meaning. 
Salm, the root of Islam, means, in the first instance, to be tranquil, at rest, to have done one's duty, to have paid up, to be at perfect peace, and, finally, to hand oneself over to Him with whom peace is made. The noun derived from it means peace, greeting, safety, salvation. And the Talmud contains both the term and the explanation of the term Muslim, which in its Chaldee meaning had become naturalised in Arabia. It indicates a "Righteous man." In a paraphrase of Proverbs xxiv. 16, where the original has Zadik (Ziddik in Koran), which is rightly translated by the Authorised Version, "Just Man," the Talmud has this very word. "Seven pits are laid for the 'Muslim'" (Shalmana Syr. Msalmono) it says, and "one for the wicked, but the wicked falls into his one, while the other escapes all seven." There is also the story in the Talmud of the Master whose name was Shalman (Solomon), and they said to him, "Thou art full of peace, and thy teaching is peace (perfect) and thou hast made peace between the disciples." The word thus implies absolute submission to God's will as generally assumed neither in the first instance, nor exclusively, but means, on the contrary, one who strives after righteousness with his own strength.
Source: Literary remains of the late Emanuel Deutsch: with a brief memoir (link)

For more on this theme, see the linked articles at the bottom of this page: The Jew as Ally of the Muslim.


  1. This is total Jew rubbish. Since both Arabic and Hebrew are semitic languages picking up similar sounding words with similar roots is child's play. Constructing spurious lies based on that is typical Jew deception. Solomon sounds like 'salaam'...and so what?

    1. I agree. BS. What Muhammad has done to Jews, it cannot be the case. Certainly Jews tried to divert Islam the way that they diverted Christianity.

    2. "the way that they diverted Christianity"
      Are you talking about Scripture (Paul) or are you talking about recent heresy like Scofield or Vatican II?

      If you are talking about scripture, I don't see how Paul did anything favorable for Pharisees (the actual Jews)