Thursday, 1 June 2017

Three weeks after the regional election in Schleswig-Holstein, Sven Lohse has had enough: after repeated threats he has closed his "Tivoli" inn in Aukrug near Neumünster. His offence in the eyes of his antagonists: he rented his premises for AfD events. On 3 March the party leader Frauke Petry opened the regional electoral campaign there, accompanied by protests. The party on election night was also celebrated there. 
As the "Kieler Nachrichten" reported on Tuesday, in recent months there have been numerous attacks on the inn. Entrance doors were vandalised with graffiti, horse manure was dumped in front of the door with shredded AfD posters. Car tyres were punctured. Ultimately, the janitor's too. 
Lohse filed complaints. The police suspected political motives. On the internet, left-wing extremists boasted about the actions. But there have been no arrests so far.


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