Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Here we have the Jew David Goldman admitting, in the Times of Israel, that Jews brought down Sebastian Gorka using "mendacity and slander". It's almost as if those old antisemitic tropes about Jews engaging in conspiracies, controlling the media and being the masters of lies were actually based on Jewish actions. In removing Gorka, of course, the Jews have taken out a strong opponent of Mohammedanism. I'm sure that can have played no part in their motivations.
Jews are sadly accustomed to becoming collateral damage in disputes in other peoples’ civil wars. Dr. Sebastian Gorka, a senior White House official, is one of the few gentile victims of a Jewish civil war. Dr. Gorka, long a Fox News commentator on counter-terrorism, will speak at the Jerusalem Post’s annual New York conference in May and at this year’s Zionist Organization of America Gala. But a left-leaning Jewish website, the Forward, has published 39 articles alleging that Gorka has neo-Nazi ties in Hungary, the country of his parents’ birth where he was active in politics during the 2000s. 
American media have been carrying unconfirmed reports that Gorka will leave the White House, where he works in the Strategic Initiatives Group, perhaps for another post in the government. It is not clear whether he will leave, much less whether his possible departure was motivated by the campaign against him. The bigger issue for the Jewish world, though, is whether we can contest our differences without resorting to mendacity and slander. 
Gorka’s supporters in the Jewish world are playing whack-a-mole with the Forward, refuting each charge as it appears while the Forward staff devises new ones. The exchange reached a depth of absurdity when the Forward posted a heavily spliced and truncated video clip of a 2007 interview with Gorka on Hungarian television. The Forward claimed April 4 that Gorka endorsed the proposal of anti-Semitic political parties for a popular militia. The next morning, the Hungarian-speaking Jewish journalist David Reaboi posted an unedited version of the same video on the Redstate website, showing that Gorka had denounced the militia plan that the Forward claimed he had supported.

...Some Jewish leaders, including Zionist Organization of America president Morton Klein, repudiated the Forward’s charges as a smear. Writing in PJ Media April 4, I abhorred the Forward’s spliced video as the most transparent falsification I had seen in forty years of journalism.


  1. Defender of Gaul3 May 2017 at 23:48


    I miss your posts critical of counterjewhad back in the day. Really, you're one of the few folks out there who's written any substantial critique of this movement/ideology that's merely a distraction and a surrogacy for real and holistic White interests. I've also seen Nick Griffin write one article on the topic and Gilad Atzmon skimmed it, too. That's about it.

    See, I've always considered the possibility that flooding Europe with Muslims is not (((their))) endgame. I mean, what kind of a parasite is so foolish to kill its host? I think the forced presence of Moroccans and other immigrants and forced silence about their crap serves another purpose. Namely, to humiliate us into being submissive, to tear down our sense of self-esteem and healthy self-identification.

    Anyway, in my considerations I've entertained the possibility of a revitalized controlled right movement, or at least one of a vehemently anti-Islamic/immigrant nature seize the podium from the current leftist establishment in Europe. Several names comes to mind like Wilders and PEGIDA.

    Now, if this happens, two alternatives: 1)this will be coupled with a "F*ck for Denmark"-style campaign to raise birth rates which is proving to be effective in reversing negative trends OR there will simply be an agressive selection for certain kinds of non-white immigrants but our replacement will continue. Or something along those lines.

    Either way, this will not be a victory for us. We will simply be reduced to serving the other part of the Hegelian dialectic. We won't be pursuing our destiny!

    Couple of other auxillary points:
    1.MENAs, be they Muslims or otherwise, are not compatible with us. Obnoxious, overly ambitious, clannish, materialistic.... Focusing on Islam obscures this fact. The Moroccan teen who raped a 90 yr old lady was no Hadith scholar lol but joined Latin kingz, listened to gangsta rap, partied and fantasized about naked blondes. Bosniaks, being Muslim, are far more compatible than any secular Moor, Arab, Turk, Christian from there, etc.

    2.Now, non-white presence is humiliating and a HUGE inconvenience(as I've implied) but they are nowhere near at actually replacing us in Europe aside from France where 30% are either Moors or blacks.

    1. I don't actually read these Counterjewhad sites any more so, when I mention them, I'm critiquing them from memory really. It probably would be useful to provide a more detailed, ongoing critique of the positions they adopt, but, for that, I'd have to force myself to read them. They inspire such contempt in me now that I can't really bring myself to do it. The braying of the Jews is bad enough but seeing Europeans who have been conditioned to place the ethnic interests of Jews above their own disgusts and depresses me profoundly.

      That said, I do think Mohammedanism is the greatest immediate threat facing Europe and these sites do useful work in enhancing awareness of it. You can see that people like Gorka and some others in the Trump orbit have, in a sense, "graduated" from the Counterjewhad movement. The fact that this stuff can actually reach the policymaker level is heartening, in a way.

      Islamonausea can also act as a "gateway drug" for a deeper understanding of what is happening to us, as it did for me.

  2. Defender of Gaul5 May 2017 at 12:55

    "Islamonausea can also act as a "gateway drug" for a deeper understanding of what is happening to us, as it did for me."

    It did for me as well. On this I agree. However, Islam is the biggest immediate threat insofar as MENA immigrants are concerned; it is not Islam per se, as I came to learn. #Remigration !

    The main day-to-day shock European whites are subjected to has more to do with the MENA mindset/culture than with their adherence to Islam. In the cases where Islamic fervour is directly involved in, say, a terror attack, it is most certianly traced back to Wahhabi indoctrination. Wahhabiism began as a heretical sect popular amongst long obscure, backward Najdi Arabian tribes now being propped up by (((uncle Sam))) and petrodllars. In a way, Islamic word is as cucked to Wahhabiism as US Christians are cucked to (((evangelicanism))). Conventional Islam, which was a civilizational rival to be sure, was officially defeated by us in 1918 or so.

    Anyway, things that we're repulsed by as Westerners like FGM, cousin marriage, catcalling, arrogance, pushiness, conniving personalities, honor(namus) killings, etc. are just as rampant amongst non-Muslims(be they secular or Christians) in the Middle East when adjusted for education/socio-economics. They are rooted there since....a long, long time ago. I have looked into this as well as witnessed this first hand.

    MENAs are not merely "whites-like-us-but corrupted-by-Islam". lol. And so I see no reason to substitute high-yield racialist discussions for (((Gatestone Institute's))) talking points.