Thursday, 18 May 2017

The left-wing newspaper Le Nouvel Observateur has published details of secret planning the French elite had done in case Marine Le Pen won the presidency.

It first of all assumed that there would be massive civil disorder.

"Far-left movements, more or less well-established, will no doubt seek to organise demonstrations some of which may result in serious disorder."

Two days before the first round of the election, all police chiefs were asked for information about their anti-riot equipment and its readiness for use.

As the election went on, private warnings were given about leftists stockpiling fireworks, mortars and weapons that could have inflicted serious casualties.

The most extraordinary element of the plan was the intention to force Marine Le Pen to keep the then current Socialist prime minister Bernard Cazeneuve until the next legislative elections. He would simply have refused to leave. The state would therefore be effectively paralysed with one sole priority: maintaining public order.



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