Sunday, 7 May 2017

I'll update this thread with observations about the French elections, if I see anything interesting. 

Second round participation rate is 65.9%, lower than the first round, which is unusual if not unprecedented. It's the lowest 2nd round participation rate since 1969. This is good for Le Pen since she needs to deter "normies" from voting while hardcore patriots are more likely to turn out.

A Front National elections observer has been arrested by police after he claimed the elections were being rigged and began to take photographs as evidence. This is not prohibited by law. This happened in Montanou, in Agen (Lot-et-Garonne). As I understand it, his claim was that the ballots were made of recycled paper and therefore not valid. (link)

The original source of this story seems to be the newspaper Sud Ouest (link). It reports that he claimed there were black marks on the ballot paper (presumably because it was made from recycled paper) and this is what he objected to, again presumably because the marks could be mistaken for voting choices. Muslims and Jews are praying for Macron.
Together with Muslim and Christian faith leaders, France’s Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia on Thursday issued a letter to voters titled “Call to Vote for Mr Emmanuel Macron”. It was co-signed by Pastor François Clavairoly, president of the Protestant Federation of France, and Anouar Kbibech, president of the French Council of the Muslim Faith. 
The letter said: “Fully aware that our roles require us to be non-partisan, we are, however, first and foremost responsible citizens and therefore openly are calling for a vote in favour of Emmanuel Macron.” Meanwhile, French Jews remain nervous. 
Antoine Levy, 24, a PhD candidate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, who is voting by proxy, told the JC: “I feel people are not as stressed as they should be about Le Pen getting in, she appears to be trying to win the Jewish vote by saying that Islamist extremists are the real problem. For my Jewish friends, voting ‘blanc’ is not an option. They are essentially afraid of Le Pen.” 
Alexi Ucko, 25, from Strasbourg, an entrepreneur with a business in France, said: “I am really worried. Fifteen years ago, over a million people demonstrated in the streets against Jean Marie le Pen, people were passionately fighting against extremism. It’s not the same spirit now. If Le Pen is elected I will be gone within the month.”

The Catholic church, in fact, refused to urge a vote against Le Pen. In 2002, when Marine's father was in the second round, the Catholic church came out openly against him. This illustrates how thinking has evolved as the Mohammedan problem has intensified.

French newspapers face restrictions on what they can publish before polls close. But Belgian newspapers face no such inhibitions. Belgian newspaper Le Soir claims to have obtained exit poll data that predicts Macron will win with more than 62% of the vote.

I was reading the French patriot site and I saw they already had a good diminutive for Macron: Micron. So we can use that if he wins.

They're announcing Macron has won with 65.9% of the votes.

I need to go and be silent and depressed for a while. As a small consolation, the site reached 3 million all-time pageviews today.


  1. "Together with Muslim and Christian faith leaders, France’s Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia on Thursday issued a letter to voters titled “Call to Vote for Mr Emmanuel Macron"

    I wonder what the CounterJewhad is going to say about this? Lots of "Chief Rabbies" and mainstream jewish orgs are attacking the anti-islamic parties and are endorsing the mainstream pro-immigration parties these days. In the company of muslims.

    1. The Counterjewhad was ALWAYS a front for their own peoples' interests; the Israeli flags and declarations of 'We stand with the Jews and always will' (Dymphna at GoV) and Spencer (Jihad Watch) harping on 'anti-semitic' attacks (JW funded by a jewish Communist) and the none-too-subtle anti-Christian articles they used to put up, rather gave the game away. The Counterjewhad NEVER reports on jewish anti-European or anti-Christian actions or policies or, if they do, they always preface it with "self-loathing jews" which also gives the game away because they are essentially saying they only see anything and everything in terms of 'is it good for the jews?' AND, have you seen what the people who run these sites make?! In the six figure're only allowed one guess as to who is funding all those sites.

  2. That announcement is to do with "poll estimates". Let us wait to see what the actual VOTES were and how they were apportioned. You may have noted that on maps published by mass media of France showing where each candidate enjoyed the greatest support, that Marcon had his greatest support in the Western part of France, whilst Le Pen had the Eastern part. What this said to me is that those people who experienced mass 'migration' from the rest of Europe (the people in the East of France) were the ones who had either suffered or at least perceived the invasion threat of aliens, whereas those in the West have not yet had the experience of it. Wait a while, reality will eventually dawn with a thud, either via 'cultural enrichment' or the 'economic joys of globalism'.