Wednesday, 10 May 2017

France’s Chief Rabbi Haim Korsia has said that the country’s Jewish community must seek cooperation with French Muslims against far-right political forces in the country, Israel Radio reported on Wednesday. 
“It is very important that we work also with the Muslims against National Front,” Korsia said, referring to the populist anti-immigration party led by defeated presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. 
Le Pen lost the second round of elections at the beginning of the week to centrist Emmanuel Macron, who will be sworn in on Sunday. Le Pen, 48, had portrayed the ballot as a contest between the “globalists” represented by her rival — those in favor of open trade, immigration and shared sovereignty — and the “nationalists” who defend strong borders and national identities. 
Korsia’s comments came against a wider trend in which European Jewish and Muslim leaders are coordinating activities against anti-religious legislation in the continent. Arab religious leaders are also involved, including some from Saudi Arabia, the radio station said. 
Among other efforts, Jewish and Muslim groups have held meetings and seminars in pursuit of an agreement on joint action against parliamentary motions banning ritual slaughter or religious symbols in public places. The talks have led some Muslim leaders to back action against Muslim attacks on Jews in Europe, the report said. 
In Europe, the Jewish and Muslim slaughter customs have united opponents both from liberal circles who cite animal welfare as their main concern and right-wing nationalists who view the custom as foreign to their countries’ cultures.

This is, of course, unsurprising, because, as I discussed the other day, the Jews created Islam as a weapon against Christians and are still using it as such to this day. Unfortunately, knowledge of this truth is confined to, most likely, a few thousand people in the world; at worst, a few hundred; at best, tens of thousands. Yet if we could successfully establish this idea in the public mind - that the Jews created Islam -, even just to the extent of making people aware of it as a "conspiracy theory", as everyone is now aware of the claims of 9/11 truthers or birthers,  it could genuinely alter the world.

First of all, it could unravel Islam itself if Muslims realised they had fallen for a 1400-year-old Jewish con trick. Second, it would weaken Jewish domination of our societies if recognition spread that the Jews and Muslims were working together against us. Third, and perhaps this is fanciful, but could it even sow self-doubt among Jewry itself, since I'm sure very few Jews know the role their people played in fostering the emergence of Islam?

If the Counterjewhad movement were really interested in undermining Islam, there is no more effective means of doing it than spreading awareness of the fact that Jews created it in the first place. Muslim antisemitism would then self-detonate, potentially taking Islam down with it, or, at the very least, significantly weakening it. Of course they won't do that, however, because their primary interest is not weakening Islam but promoting the interests of Jewry and it is not in the interests of Jewry to be known as the authors of this monster.

Please help disseminate the meme that "Jews created Islam" on forums and comment sections you participate in. Use those exact words and link to the Hagarism post with those words. Because of the way search-engine algorithms work, this makes it much more likely that when someone types those words into Google, the Hagarism post will come up.


  1. It is the goal for all jews to make sure all muslims are kicked out of middle east so Israel can perform a biblical land grab so they can rebuild the TEMPLE MOUNT as to meet the goals so that the messiah returns asap.

    Jewish rabbi have stated that the messiah can not return if there is no new world order.

    this is why the neocon jews and Soros are the flip side of each other of the same coin. They have the same goals. New world order for the neocons and no borders by the Soros atheist left wing liberals.

    By using these forces and the christian evangelicals they will succeed in destroying all nations political borders in the fake narrative of love.

    1. I disagree in one respect: it is CHRISTIANS whom both the Jews and the Moslems (two sides of the same coin) wish to expel from the Middle East. Christianity is actually the oldest of the three because 'judaism' is actually TALMUDISM (the Babylonian and also the Jerusalem Talmud are the written compilation of the Mishna, the "oral tradition", and the Gemara, the "commentaries" on this "oral tradition". This is precisely what Jesus Christ spoke against when he said that the Pharisees sought to remove God and place man at the forefront ("those who call themselves jews but are not"). Pharisaism became the definitive quality of all judaism through the written transmission (Talmud) of the oral tradition and commentaries on it. Jews and Moslems regard Christians as believers in more than one god and both regard it as their duty to destroy them and their New Testament. Anyone who calls himself a "Christian Zionist" cannot believe in Jesus as The Christ because Zionism does not believe in a Messiah of Salvation, but, rather a messiah of worldly power who will give them rule over the world. That is what their concept of "Tikkun Olam" is about: to 'fix' or 'repair' the world to orient it entirely to Jewish interests and control. (Gates of Vienna had a commentator years ago who was promoting Tikkun Olam in his writings, as well as Dymphna, until they realised some of their readers actually knew what it was really about, then they quickly stopped mentioning it.)

    2. No offense but are readers of gate of vienna outright retard or even readers are shills like their writers?😂 anyone with over 90 iq can tell who's behind this multiculti cult.

    3. No offence taken. I look at sites like GoV to see how they present issues, and what they leave out which exposes their weaknesses. Also, I learnt quite a bit about judaism through links put up at that site which the site owners never bothered to read because they assumed they would be pro-jewish/zionist (mainly about jewish immigration into US and jewish law used in US legal cases. Very useful stuff.) I agree the posters there are an echo chamber of the site owners.

    4. You are wrong about Jews desiring to rebuild the Temple. Judaism exists because there is no Temple. If the Temple is rebuilt then Judaism ceases to exist.

    5. As Christ said, "Know ye not that your body is the Temple of the Living God?". He also said that He would "rebuild the Temple in three days" (referring to the Resurrection of His Body). The idea of 'rebuilding' the Temple (the great temple which the Romans destroyed after they put down the Jewish rebellion) is, in essence, a denial of the Resurrection of Christ, of the sanctity of the human creation, and of a Messiah concerned with salvation; the judaic idea of a messiah is involved with control and dominion over the rest of the world by jews.

  2. Cz,NWO will be down only by flat earth truth , millions are waking up to the lies and decption created by scientism. Whites are too scared to get called racist and bigots. But once "mother of all conspiracy " is unveiled NWO will crumble itself. Please watch history of flat earth by Eric Dubay ( he's also talking about Europe for Europeans, but he's taking on nwo by exposing globe earth deceptio. CZ give it a try man.

  3. CZ: Islam derives from Judaism most obviously from its Sharia and it would probably be most effective to emphasise this when speaking to people and telling them what the Talmud says about non-jews, openly expressed hostility and, really telling, its hypo-ethnocentrism (relegating the rest of the human race to dumb animals!). That will probably prove more of a shock than attempting to speak about the history of Hagarism. I think the Counterjewhad 'movement' (!) was deliberately set up to deflect attention from jews, their activities and their ideology, and to act as a 'safety valve' to prevent people from taking self-protective action against them, as well as providing a back-up to calls for more Christians to get killed in wars in the Middle East (which deflects attention from Israel's 'Greater Israel Project'). Counterjewhad sites never talk about legislation in Europe that destroys freedom of speech through "anti-semitism" laws. Their online sites should be flooded by posters exposing them as zionist/jewish tools.