Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Hungary's voting rights in the European Council may also be suspended due its refusal to go along with the EU agenda.
The European Parliament could become the first EU institution to openly call for sanctions against Hungary for breaching EU law, with majority support building among MEPs to back a resolution in the plenary on Wednesday. Officials from various blocs in the Parliament said they believed a majority would back a resolution urging the EU to trigger Article 7 in response to Hungary’s approval of a controversial law to close the Central European University in Budapest. 
Article 7, which has never been invoked, would lead to the suspension of Hungary’s voting rights in the European Council.

The university in question is owned by George Soros. Of course, Jews are now complaining that  criticism of Soros = "antisemitism".

Krystyna Pawlowicz, a lawmaker with the ruling conservatives in Poland, called him the "most dangerous man in the world" on Radio Maryja, a Catholic broadcaster. She said his foundations "finance anti-Christian and anti-national activities." 
Sociologists see such rhetoric, which gives Soros almost supernatural abilities to destroy traditional societies, as a modern manifestation of old anti-Semitic conspiracies amid new populist rage against elites and the European Union. 
"This narrative about Soros as an evil presence started with Russian President Vladimir Putin, and it is spreading," said Jacek Kucharczyk, a sociologist and director of the Institute of Public Affairs in Warsaw. "It is a witch hunt that is being promoted by authoritarian right-wing populists." 
"And there is an undertone of anti-Semitism behind it. Because he promotes liberal values, has a Jewish background and is a billionaire, he is the perfect figure for explaining to hard-core voters why the world is the way it is," he said. 
Kucharczyk, whose institute receives some Soros funding, said in places like Russia and Poland, where anti-Semitism has deep roots, Soros is "a very useful enemy to have."


  1. I would love to ask "Kucharczyk", why Soros is not active in Saudi Arabia. They have a history of Jew hating.