Tuesday, 30 May 2017

I forced myself to watch the first two minutes of this freakshow for research purposes, after becoming intrigued by the programme title I saw on iPlayer: "When does preference become prejudice?" I suspected this would be another Blame Whitey effort, stigmatising ethnic Europeans for not wanting to have sex with negroes. And so, indeed, it appears to be. But having confirmed this after two minutes, it's time to check out.

Maybe someone else can force themselves to watch it all the way through. It would actually be somewhat interesting to know whether the far higher incidence of STDs among negroes partly explains this rejection by gays. Does the programme mention that? Maybe I'll try and watch some more later.


  1. The race-mixing agenda via the media has only accomplished so much in making the Black man appear strong and "cool", while portraying the White man as nerdy, effeminate and weak. Most people recognize this message and are resistant to it. In addition to denigrating the White image to get White people to prefer Blacks and Browns, the Jews are now employing their favorite weapon of choice to accomplish the same goal: guilt.

    Now, not being attracted to other races simply is not a good enough reason to choose to not miscegenate. There is definitely a push on to convince people that if they are not equally attracted to all other races, then they are inherently racist. Never mind that humans are biologically programmed to be drawn to and prefer those of their own kind. It's a real and healthy genetic instinct that exists for group survival, to preserve the races. A mixed gay couple walking around promotes the idea of race-mixing to the subconscious mind as much as a straight couple does to those who are unaware...and White gays much also learn to hate themselves and their race, too. Preference or "prejudice", indeed.