Wednesday, 17 May 2017

This story in Haaretz is significant because it shows that American intelligence officials were more concerned about the interests of Israel than those of their own country. It would be interesting to know the racial and religious background of these officials.
Israeli intelligence officials are concerned that the exposure of classified information to their American counterparts in the Trump administration could lead to their being leaked to Russia and onward to Iran, investigative journalist Ronen Bergman reported in Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot on Thursday. 
The intelligence concerns, which have been discussed in closed forums recently, are based on suspicions of unreported ties between President-elect Donald Trump, or his associates, and the government of Vladimir Putin in Moscow. As Russian intelligence is associated with intelligence officials in Tehran, highly classified information, such as Israel's clandestine methods of operation and intelligence sources, could potentially reach Iran. Such information has been shared with the United States in the past. 
American intelligence officials expressed despair at the election of Trump during a recent meeting with their Israeli counterparts, Bergman reported. They said that they believed that Putin had “leverages of pressure” over Trump, though they did not elaborate. The American media reported on Wednesday that Russia has embarrassing intelligence about the president-elect. 
According to Bergman, the American intelligence officials implied that Israel should “be careful” when transferring intelligence information to the White House and the National Security Council (NSC) following Trump's inauguration – at least until it is clear that Trump does not have inappropriate connections with Russia. 


  1. The intelligence officials in US govt probably follow the same pattern reflected in the Friends of Israel amongst elected officials. I believe 80 of US Congressmen, and nearly the same percentage of British MPs, declare themselves as 'Friends of Israel.' Whores, bought and paid for, and willing tools of Western peoples' destruction. As for the intelligence lot, they were put into place by previous admins whose presidents and Secretaries of State and Defence toed the FoI line also. They're not so much worried about security leaks, more about Israeli financial largesse to them personally being withheld. On the Telegraph someone linked to a site showing how many donations from jewish donors and jewish interest groups went towards keeping Sen John McCain in office, AND what policies these donors wanted their recipients to support. These FoI politicians are dependent on these donations to get elected and stay in power and once in office, they will approve nominations to security positions in govt. The jews want to bring down Russia because it is no longer fully under their control and Russia and Syria's oil pipeline is competition to the plans of Israel which leased, illegally it appears according to international law. "rights" to Golan Heights oil/gas production to a company set up by Lord Rothschild and Rupert Murdoch. As such, the Israeli pipeline could be used as competition, or to stop altogether, the Russia pipeline of oil/gas into Europe which is presently in place and on which EU largely depends for relatively cheap product. If the Israelis are succcessful, it is unlikely Europe would find it a cheap product to purchase and that would put Europeans even more under jewish control.

  2. Next month will be the 50th anniversary of the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty. That's how much Israel cares about America - absolutely zero !