Tuesday, 4 April 2017

RFSL is the Swedish Federation for LGBTQ Rights. It has thoughtfully published a guide for those who have just invaded Sweden "and identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or queer (LGBTQ)".

The guide is available in several languages (English version here) but those unable to understand the written text will no doubt appreciate the helpful illustrations.


  1. And its mostly whites who are on the receiving end. Not surprised.

    Well, it is well known that LGBT overwhelmingly vote for the left and are pro-immigration, i think 80 - 90 percent voted against Trump.

    They are a minority, so they want to turn everybody else into minority, in order to feel safe. Just like the jews when they are in minority position. When you have a bunch of people who are non-normative people, and do not see themselves as part of the normal group, they will be against the majority, and sabotage it in various ways, for example by supporting other minorities.

    It appears that in every human society, you have a small bunch of mutants, that are going to turn against the majority group. At least the US National Security Council thinks so.

    "On the other hand- we must recognize that only a portion of international communism outside Russia is the result of environmental influence and subject to correction accordingly. Another portion represents something in the nature of a natural mutation of species. It derives from a congenital fifth-columnism with which a certain small percentage of people in every community appear to be affected, and which distinguishes itself by a negative attitude toward the native society and a readiness to follow any outside force which opposes it. This element will always be present in any society for unscrupulous outsiders to work on; and the only protection against its dangerous misuse will be the absence of the will on the part of great-power regimes to exploit this unhappy margin of human nature."

    Related, a study of people’s natural feelings of “homophobia” — or what should more precisely be termed homoaedia (“disgust for homosexuals”) — found that it’s an emotional immune system response to the often-correct presumption that gay men are untrustworthy, disloyal, and unreliable when the group needs to be defended against outside threats.


    "Perception of Gay Men as Defectors and Commitment to Group Defense Predict Aggressive Homophobia"

    Homophobia encompasses a variety of attitudes and behaviors with distinct causal paths. We focus on aggressive homophobia, a propensity to feel anger and express aggression toward gay men. We investigated the conjecture that homosexual males might be seen, in recent Western cultures, as defectors from collective group defense. We predicted that consistent with a functional motive to punish and deter free riding, the perception of gay men as defectors would motivate aggression toward gay men. We also predicted that individuals with greater commitment to group defense might show more aggressive homophobia (as these individuals have more to lose from the defection than individuals who are not committed to group defense). Study 1 showed that aggressive homophobia correlated positively with the tendency to implicitly associate gay men with defection from group defense. Study 2 showed that a tendency to punish homosexual males for a theft correlated positively with commitment to group defense. The findings suggest that coalitional psychology might contribute to explaining the existence and quality of certain kinds of social stigma.