Wednesday, 5 April 2017

This one is beautiful. For years, the Left has insisted that "Islamophobia" is caused by ignorance. But a recent study suggests that the opposite is true.
People who read the news are more likely to feel angry towards Muslims, a new study has found. Whether liberal or conservative, researchers found more avid news consumers showed both increased anger and reduced warmth towards members of the Islamic faith. The findings, based on responses from 16,584 New Zealanders from the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study (NZAVS), were published in leading international science journal PLOS ONE.

So Islamophobia is caused by knowledge not ignorance. The more people know about Muslims, their creed and their deeds, the more likely they are to see them as a problem. The same, incidentally, is true of many other "prejudices". Prejudice formation is a normal cognitive function of the human psyche. It is simply pattern recognition applied to social interactions. The more knowledge you have, the greater your ability to perceive these patterns. The only prejudice-free state is the condition of absolute ignorance. From knowledge comes prejudice.

Of course the researchers managed to find a Blame Whitey angle to frame these results. The problem was not genuinely distinctive Muslim behaviour. The problem was the media's "unfair" representation of that behaviour.
The reports co-author, Professor Joseph Bulbulia of Victoria University of Wellington, added: “Sadly, there may be real-world consequences for Muslims in this country, people who encounter prejudice across their daily routines, at the workplace, and in their children's schools. "Though un-making prejudice is difficult, we hope these results challenge the media to present fairer representations of Muslims."
A free speech, free information environment inevitably tends towards the ultra far-right. Only by suppressing speech and controlling information flow can the Left hold back the natural self-preservation instincts of European Man. The Alt Right, at its core, is a revolt against ignorance.


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