Wednesday, 5 April 2017

In the old days, the Hebrew word Herem was used to describe the practice of inflicting total destruction on an enemy that had fallen under Jewish power. If the enemy was another people, genocide would be inflicted on them, bringing about their absolute extermination. The Bible describes several such episodes. Herem is sometimes translated as "The Ban". (The similarity to the Arabic "Haram" [forbidden] is worth noting.) Observing Jewish activism in the present day, it's clear that this same mentality still exists. When someone challenges their power in any way, Jews seek to apply "The Ban" to them. In practice, this means destroying their life, career and reputation in every way possible; and causing them to be shunned by others.

As the Ken Livingstone controversy comes to an end, it's clear that the Herem Jews sought to apply to him has been less than complete. He has only been excluded from the party for two years (including one year of time served) rather than permanently expelled. Jews are furious about this. Nonetheless, it's a good illustration of their power that Livingstone has been punished at all for saying something that is objectively and demonstrably true, namely that Hitler supported Zionists (see related articles here and here). Moreover, the Labour party acted on the most weaselly way possible, refusing to engage with the question of historical truth and focusing instead on whether he had "brought the party into disrepute". This takes the discussion out of the realm of objective fact and into the subjective realm of hysteria and emotion, where the frothing and fury of Jews counts for more than truth itself.

In the clip we see Wes Streeting berate Livingstone, shaking his head contemptuously every time Livingstone tries to address the facts. Streeting, probably Britain's most pitiful JudenKnecht after John Mann, pretty much admits he is pandering to Jews living in his constituency. I remind you that, according to my calculations based on percentages provided by the Jewish Chronicle, the Labour party probably got 18000 votes from Jews at the last general election, when it had a Jewish leader. So all of this drama and hysteria is over 18 thousand votes.

Why have the Jews attacked on this issue with such fury? Livingstone claims it is about bashing an enemy of Corbyn and smearing Corbyn by association, furthering the confected "antisemitism" narrative. No doubt there is some truth in that. But it's not the whole story.

One of the myths the Jews have assiduously sought to promote is that Hitler planned to exterminate them from the start. There is overwhelming evidence to the contrary. As late as 1941, the Nazis were making efforts to relocate Jews to various places outside of western and central Europe. These facts challenge the canonical version of the Holocult narrative. That is what is really at issue here: safeguarding the kosher-approved version of history.


But No! It looks like Jewish power has mobilised, refusing to accept this result.
Ken Livingstone will face a new investigation into his recent comments that Hitler supported Zionism, as Jeremy Corbyn criticised his old ally for refusing to apologise for causing deep offence to the Jewish community. 
Labour’s ruling body will now launch a fresh disciplinary process against Livingstone, who was suspended from the party for a further year but not expelled over his original comments made in April 2016.


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