Thursday, 6 April 2017

Reactions from liberal U.S. Jewish and civil-rights organizations came swift and strong to the news that President Donald Trump had removed Stephen Bannon, his polarizing chief strategist, from the National Security Council on Wednesday.

 ... With Bannon in the NSC, “it was the first time there was a political strategist in that role and it diminished the administration,” said Ron Halber, executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Washington. The NSC “needs to not be colored by political motivations, and removing Bannon will be viewed positively by most Americans, whether they are Jewish or not,” Halber told Haaretz.

Other groups echoed Halber’s views, with many saying said they wanted Trump to go even further and boot Bannon from the White House entirely. “Removing Steve Bannon from the NSC is a small step in the right direction, but we won’t be satisfied until he’s removed from the White House,” said J Street spokeswoman Jessica Rosenblum.

“We hope that Stephen Bannon’s removal from the National Security Council will soon be followed by his ouster from the White House entirely,” said Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center.  “By his own admission, Bannon provided a platform, through Breitbart News, for a new breed of white supremacists.  He’s also been responsible for the bizarre appointment of former Breitbart writer Sebastian Gorka, someone with ties to anti-Semitic, far-right groups in Hungary, to a position in the White House. The sooner that Bannon and people like Gorka leave Washington, the better.”

Rabbi Jill Jacobs of T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights, struck a similar note, telling Haaretz, “This is a positive first step, but we cannot rest until Stephen Bannon is removed from his post as chief strategist. “A person who once ran the most important website promoting white supremacy, and who has declared his intention of sowing chaos in the world has no business in the White House,” Jacobs said.

Stosh Cotler, CEO of Bend the Arc Jewish Action, a progressive Jewish group, and Salam al-Marayati, president of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, issued an unusual joint statement declaring Bannon’s removal from the NSC a victory for the resistance to Trump and his appointees and policies. “The removal of Steve Bannon from involvement in the critical responsibilities and decisions of the National Security Council is a major victory, not only for those outraged by his white supremacist, anti-Muslim and antisemitic ideology, but for the safety of all Americans,” they wrote, adding, “It also demonstrates that the resistance forming across the country to oppose Trump’s radical, hateful agenda is having a tangible and growing impact on his floundering administration.”


  1. We can now see that the reason the Jews are going after certain people in Trump's Administration is because these are the people who are Jew-savy and realise what the goals of the Jews are and how inimicable these are to the interests of the American people. The Jews need to rid Trump of any realistic opposition to their machinations. Their old goals are still there: Greater Israel stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates and encompassing parts of Syria (hence the moves to destroy Syria's government which also protects Christians and other minorities) and, of course, to destroy the present Russian government in order to once again control Russia (and finish off the decimation of the Christian Russians and their Church) and to challenge (through Israel's proxy, the US) Iran (their old enemy, Persia) and bring it under their control. That millions, in the Middle East, and Europe, may die, is probably regarded as a bonus or, at the least, mere collateral damage.