Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Jews are following their usual practice of trying to stymie any chance Europeans have of defending themselves against the immigration invasion. The Grand Rabbi of France has called on everyone to vote for Macron.
"once there is a policy of rejecting someone, whoever it is, that's no longer France," he says. According to the Grand Rabbi Korsia, "We must defend this concept of fraternity that we could see re-emerge in the market of 11 January 2015 (after the attacks against Charlie Hebdo and Hyper Cacher): this principle of fraternity now needs to live in the ballot boxes," 
"What is unchangeable about France is the welcoming, the opening to the world. France, in Hebrew, is "tsarfat", which means "crucible". Can you imagine a crucible in which some metals are not wanted? In the crucible that is France, we put all the metals, the characters, the origins, the hopes of which it is composed," said the Jewish official. 
Given "the facts of the second round", people must "absolutely vote for Emmanuel Macron, the choice is simple. It has nothing to do with ideological proximity to the people; I have to be neutral institutionally. But, in this scenario, there is no question of being neutral. Yves Simon sings "the silence is always complicit or deceiving". Today, to abstain is to be complicit or deceiving," he says. 
For the Grand Rabbi of France, during the legislative elections, "everyone can resume their political, ideological positions." But in the second round of the presidential elections, "we must call on all those who believe in and who hope for France to vote for Emmanual Macron, because it is he who now carries this hope of fraternity...Can we dally when the stakes are the very heart of what France is?"

Meanwhile, Israel president Rivlin has been implicitly criticising Le Pen and warned against cooperation with Europeans trying to prevent their own demographic annihilation.
President Reuven Rivlin on Monday called for a “war” against a new kind of Holocaust denial taking root across Europe today, and bitterly criticized far-right French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen. Speaking at a ceremony marking the end of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Rivlin said an attempt by some in Europe to universalize the Shoah is more dangerous than the mere refusal to acknowledge that the mass murder of Jews had taken place. 
While traditional Holocaust denial was a fringe phenomenon that convinced few, turning all Europeans into victims undermines the core message of Holocaust commemorations for decades to come and subsumes the unique targeted destruction of the Jewish community by the Nazi regime, he argued. 
Without mentioning names, Rivlin criticized Le Pen and other European politicians for shirking their respective countries’ responsibility in having collaborated with the Nazi regime. In the same vein, Rivlin warned Israel against cooperating with extremist parties on the continent, again clearly referring to Le Pen, who in Sunday’s French presidential elections came in second with 21.5 percent. Le Pen will face off against her centrist rival, Emmanuel Macron, in a second round next month. 
“Some two weeks ago a French presidential candidate denied France’s responsibility for the deportation of its Jewish citizens to the Nazi concentration and death camps,” Rivlin said at an event marking the close of Holocaust Remembrance Day at Kibbutz Lohamei HaGeta’ot.

One Jewish columnist made a very interesting remark in response to Rivlin's speech.
Israel Hayom’s Dan Margalit heaps praise on “every word said by Reuven Rivlin yesterday in condemning Marine Le Pen,” but questions whether Israeli leaders should interfere in the French elections thus. Israel’s opposition to everything Le Pen stands for is clear, and she’s only expected to get 40% of the vote, he says, so what’s the use in causing a diplomatic stir? “But if there arises a need to intervene against Le Pen, there are other ways of doing it,” Margalit writes. The “ugly, dangerous regimes” rising in Europe are bitter enough for Israel to swallow, “there’s no sense in starting [conflict] with them ahead of time,” he argues.”

What are these "other ways" in which Israel can "intervene" against European politicians? We are left to speculate.


  1. Obviously, some Jews are worried that they may be overplaying their hand too soon. Note the disgusting insult to the millions of Christians who died, quite needlessly, in part because of Jewish financial, political and social machinations in Europe and especially in pre-World War Two Germany where the World Congress of Jews called upon 'world Jewry' to boycott Germany and inflict economic hardship on the country (and how dare it use its own currency!). Apparently, German Jews objected to this boycott, saying they were not being persecuted but that such actions by the Jewish united groups might just cause a reaction against Jews. It's obvious that the greater number of jews worldwide didn't care about German Jews but saw them as a useful tool. As for the present day, of course the Jews support Macron: he is a former partner in Rothschild's Banque , his campaign was funded (Euros 8 millions) by BNP Paribas, a wholly owned Rothschild banking subsidiary, and he is the personally groomed protege of David de Rothschild. What's not to like about him from their point of view. BTW, Paribas was given Dollars 175 Billion by the Federal Reserve (run by our friends since its inception in 1913, it is not a federal government body, it prints money (of non-existent value which it then 'loans' for interest, of course, to governments but, in the case of several European and US banking institutions, it did NOT charge any interest on loans which amounted to Dollars 16 Trillions. Goldman Sachs got Billions 814, Dollars 2.5 Trillion to Citigroup and Morgan Stanley got Dollars Trillions 2.04. If the French elect Macron, as their Jewish Masters wish, they will be bankrupt for eternity.

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  4. Re Marine Le Pen, I read the following info on The Occidental Observer from a poster there: Le Pen has a decade-long relationship with Louis Aliot, an Algerian Jew who is said to be an ultra-Zionist who is responsible for obtaining the appointment of a homosexual (surname: Philippot) as spokesman for the Front National. I read an article linked from TOO about Aliot and there is a photo of him and Le Pen kissing with a message tweet from her about the photo. Macron, the main contender in the presidential race with Le Pen, is said to be in a relationship with another man, the head of Radio France. Macron is married to a woman he met when he was 15 and she was his teacher (they have been married some time and she is 63 to his 39). Meanwhile, Hoecke, one of the main officials with the AdF (German party opposed to Islamisation of Germany) is working with the other main official of the party, after a period of ideological dissension, who is a woman living with another woman. None of this, whichever party one looks at, is very hopeful for representing the historical values of their countries and it does make one feel that our old friends are 'playing both ends against the middle'.