Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Nadiya Savchenko - Background information

The western (((Establishment))) celebrated this woman as a heroine because she was anti-Putin and because, as a female fighter pilot, she served as a living symbol of the triumph of Equality ideology. But now she has strayed somewhat from the approved path.
A Ukrainian lawmaker and war hero used a word usually translated as “kikes” in complaining that Jews wield excessive power in her country. 
Nadiya Savchenko, a fighter jet pilot who was elected to parliament in 2014 while she was still being held as a prisoner of Russia, made the statements on Saturday during a televised interview for the 112 station and insisted they were not indicative of anti-Semitic bias. 
Savchenko was asked to address criticism that in a television interview earlier this month, she failed to condemn the anti-Semitic statements of a caller with whom she seemed to agree. 
During the 112 interview on Saturday, which was conducted in Ukrainian, Savchenko said, “I have nothing against Jews. I do not like ‘kikes.’” 
She later said Jews possess “80 percent of the power when they only account for 2 percent of the population.” 
In expressing neutrality to Jews, she used the word “evreiv,” which speakers both of Ukrainian and Russian is a neutral designation. But later she used the term “zhidiv,” which in Russian is a pejorative for Jews, akin to “kike” in English. 
Some Ukrainians claim the word “zhid” is the standard designation for a Jew in their language, though leaders of the Ukrainian Jewish community insist it is offensive to Jews in both languages. 
In the same interview, Savchenko cited the fact that Ukraine’s prime minister, Volodymyr Groysman, is Jewish and claimed that the country’s president, Petro Poroshenko, also has Jewish roots along with Yulia Tymoshenko, a former prime minister and a leader of the nation’s Orange Revolution. The ancestries of both Proshenko and Timoshenko have been the subject of speculation in Ukraine and beyond. 
During the earlier interview on March 21 for OneNews, Savchenko agreed in principle with a caller who inveighed against a “Jewish takeover of Ukraine.” 
She replied: “Indeed, part of the ruling establishment in Ukraine does not possess distinctly Ukrainian blood and we need to talk about it and act.”


  1. Shhh...and don't mention that the oligarchs put into positions of governance in the various districts of Ukraine by the coup d'etat leader are from that group, too, or that the overthrow of the legitimate govt was engineered by the same group in the US govt, (Victoria Nuland in the State Dept) and that Monsanto, now ensconced in Ukraine, is run by that group with, conveniently, Nuland and her husband being major shareholders in the company. It would be rather challenging to try and find anyone not of that group as a malevolent participant in the tragedy of Ukraine and its people.

  2. According to KGB official records, released after the 'fall' of the Soviet Union, the leadership of the Soviet government, deriving from the Jewish Bolshevik Revolution (and listed in KGB records by ethnic, not religious, groupings), 85% of the Soviet government was jewish and 67% of the NKVD were jewish, this at a time when jews presumably amounted to only 2% of the overall general population. Stalin's three wives, and his most murderous brother-in-law, were all jewish.

  3. "as a female fighter pilot, she served as a living symbol of the triumph of Equality ideology."

    As far as piloting is concerned, its very hard to talk about equality in that particular area since women are 5 percent of civilian and 2 percent of combat pilots. You need spatial ability, including mental rotation and spatial perception, in order to become a good pilot, and the male/female difference for mental rotation is 1 SD in favor of men. (In other words, of the same magnitude as the IQ difference between white americans and african americans). The male/female difference for spatial perception is 0,63 SD in favor of men. Not to mention that those abilities are more variable in men.

    As far as i know Savchenko was the helicopter (Mi 24) navigator/gunner/forward observer and not the pilot during UA operations in Eastern Ukraine.

    She is absolutely cool for saying those things, though, she also wanted peace in Eastern Ukraine and was against the war.

  4. Well, express likes and dislikes is not negative.

    Everything says our West countryman can be found on the Internet and in many scientific books.

    That woman sympathetic to me much.

    Greetings, and Christ save to Ukraine and Russia.

  5. https://zionistreport.com/2017/03/putins-passport-proves-he-is-a-member-of-the-tribe/