Monday, 6 March 2017

Alt Right hate site The Huffington Post has published an article highlighting Steve Bannon's awareness of the French novel "Camp of the Saints", which I wrote about years ago (here).

Here are some extracts from an interview the novel's author, Jean Raspail, gave to the magazine Valeurs Actuelles.
There are only two solutions. Either we accommodate them and France - its culture, its civilisation — will be erased without even a funeral. In my view, that's what's going to happen. Or we don't accommodate them at all - that means stop sacralising the Other and rediscover your neighbour, that means those next to you. Which means that we stop giving a damn sometime about these "Christian ideas gone mad", as Chesterton said, or these depraved human rights, and that we take the indispensable measures to distance ourselves, without appeal, to avoid the dissolution of our country into a general métissage [literally race-mixing but used as a sort of equivalent of the English diversity]. I don't see any other solution. I travelled a lot in my youth. All peoples are fascinating but when you mix them too much, it is much more animosity that develops than sympathy. Métissage is never peaceful. It is a dangerous utopia. Look at South Africa! 
At the point where we are now, the measures we would have to take would necessarily be very coercive. I don't believe it will happen and I don't see anyone who has the courage to do it. They would need to put their soul in the balance, but who is ready for that?

And another one.
What is happening currently is not important. It's anecdotal. Because we're only at the start. At the moment, everyone's expressing a view on the topic, there are thousands of specialists on the migrant issue, it's a chaos of commentary. No one puts themselves in the 35 years to come. The situation we're experiencing is slight compared to what awaits us in 2050. There are 9 billion people on the earth. Africa went from 100 million to 1 billion inhabitants in one century, and perhaps double in 2050. Will the world be livable? Overpopulation and wars of religion will render the situation delicate. It's then that the invasion will occur, which will be unavoidable. The migrants will come, in large part, from Africa, the Middle East and the edges of Asia. 
...We will need to harden our hearts and suppress any form of compassion we feel. Otherwise, our countries will be submerged.

The phrase Camp of the Saints comes from the Book of Revelations.
And when the thousand years are ended, Satan will be released from his prison, and will go forth and deceive the nations which are in the four corners of the earth, Gog and Magog, and will gather them together for the battle; the number of whom is as the sand of the sea. And they went up over the breadth of the earth and encompassed the camp of the saints, and the beloved city.
Europe is the Camp of the Saints, besieged by the numberless, satanic brown hordes.

I quoted this passage from Camp of the Saints in the post I made in 2011. But now that my thinking has evolved, I see new possible meanings in it. What was this "apocalyptic beast" that had "vowed to destroy the Western world"? What can Raspail have meant?
The world is controlled, so it seems, not by a single specific conductor, but by a new apocalyptic beast, a kind of anonymous, omnipresent monster, and one that, in some primordial time, must have vowed to destroy the Western World. The beast has no set plan. It seizes whatever occasions arise. The crowd massed along the Ganges was merely the latest, and doubtless the one with the richest potential. Divine in origin, this beast? Or infernal, more likely? Be that as it may, the phenomenon, hard to believe, is a good two centuries old. Dostoevsky analyzed it once upon a time. And Péguy too, though in different form, when he railed against the “intellectual clique.” And even one of our former popes, Paul VI, toward the end of his reign, as he opened his eyes and discerned, at long last, the work of the Devil … Nothing can stop the beast. That much we all know. Which is probably why the chosen few have such faith that their ideas will triumph, and why the ones who persist in the struggle know only too well how futile it is ….



  2. I read that book decades ago. It's prophetic.

  3. No vale reirse.

    Siguiendo los lineamientos de la ideología de género, este hombre es un niño de 3 años. Si te parece estúpido tal vez sufres de : Babyfobia.

  4. Bannon also knows that Senator Joseph McCarthy was correct

  5. Western culture is not White culture. There are no races. We all come from Africa. White skin is just an environmental adaption. Put a group of White people in Congo for 50,000 years and their skin will turn black as they adapt to the environment. Genetics 101. Steve Bannon needs to go back to school.

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