Thursday, 9 March 2017

The Saudi Shoura council asks for the expulsion of five million illegal immigrants 
According to the proponent, they represent a potential political threat because the international organizations could lobby for them to be naturalized. 
Riyadh (AsiaNews / Agencies) - 
The Saudi Shoura council is discussing a system of rules to combat illegal immigration. For this purpose a commission of the Interior Ministry should be established to expel five million foreigners who have illegally settled in the kingdom. 
In an article published by the daily Al-Hayat, Dr. Sadqa Fadel, who presented the proposal, writes that a relatively large number of people enter the kingdom through different paths, with the sole purpose of settling there permanently or residing there. He added that this is illegal, because it violates all the rules of the kingdom and even international standards. 
According to Fadel, most of these illegal immigrants come from Africa and Asia. 
In his view, all those with an illegal status should be deported. He added that illegal immigrants represent a future political threat due both to their homeland or to the international community and organizations could put pressure on the kingdom to naturalize them.
Source           Via: PatriotasOccidentales

Unlike us, the Saudis won't have to deal with human rights agitators and legal challenges.


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