Thursday, 23 March 2017

It's now a common occurrence to see Jews gloating at a jihad attack in Europe and yesterday's Westminster attack has been no exception. Here are a selection of comments from various articles about the attack that appeared in the Jerusalem Post (link, link and link). Of course, I'm sure these comments are from a tiny minority of extremist Jews who are in no way representative of the vast majority of decent, hard-working adherents of the peaceful religion of Judaism.


  1. The above comments could very easily have also come from the likes of Gates of Vienna, Jihad Watch, Weasel Zippers, 1389blogspot (the latter regularly featured videos in Hebrew/Yiddish by a group whose leader in the US was convicted years ago for terrorism and extortion). It did not take me too long to realise that these sites are primarily inhabited and run by jews and their shabbos goyim. Very unpleasant, especially when one thinks of the fact that most of the counterjewhad sites originate in the US and that these people appear to have no loyalty or fellow feeling for Westerners (who are predominantly Christian). Whenever they have been challenged (and those instances are rare), they blather about freedom of speech and 'self'loathing jews' who post such comments.