Wednesday, 8 March 2017

This is a story so crazy that's it's hard to believe. But it appears to be true. In the north Italian town of Arcore, in Lombardy, the leftist council is planning to start a school bus service called Pedibus. They intend to hire asylum seekers to "escort" the children to school.
There is a new conflict between the centre-right and centre-left about the hiring of some asylym seekers, who are housed in Arcore, as helpers on the Pedibus. 
Raising their voice again are Forza Italia, Lega Nord and Fratelli d'Italia who have already tonight published on Facebook (and from tomorrow morning, Wednesday, on various empty billboards in the town) a shock poster against the possibility of hiring refugees in this project. The poster reads: "In Arcore, to school with the stranger? No thanks" and which has, in the background, an image of a man "of colour" embracing a child.

At the bottom, the poster reads:
Immigrants without legal status to accompany our children to school? We say NO!