Saturday, 18 March 2017


It's a beautiful thing that a European government still has the moral strength to do this. It brings to mind Julius Evola.
The only thing that counts is this: today we find ourselves in the midst of a world in ruins. The problem to pose is, do men on their feet still exist in the midst of these ruins? And what must they do, what can they still do?
I really need to go to Hungary. I might even claim asylum there, saying I'm fleeing the multicultural wreckage of western Europe.


  1. "human rights concerns"?! The human rights lobbies and organisations are a self-perpetuating money scam which makes millions out of this invasion.

  2. Diversity, what is... ? ssss....

  3. Immigrants attacked Italian reporter.

    Apparently, the journalist was little discreet, and denounced the material pirate and fake that it was selling, as anecdote. The tv cameras, and own reporter were attacked.

    Italian television, which has a television channel in Spain has not exposed the news. In Italy itself, on Spain not.

  4. CZ, Before you start packing your bags, take note that Hungary, as does several other EU states, sells its citizenship (for many thousands of euros) to non-Europeans (Chinese, Moslems, also Russians --- probably oligarchs fleeing from plundering Russia, etc). These Hungarian 'bonds' actually permit non-Europeans to access the entire Schengen area (Austria, Malta, Greece, etc also do this) and, although you may not object to hobnobbing with the rich rather than the underpart of the Third World, this is obviously a way in which non-Europeans will bring in thousands of their own race, ethnicity, religion, etc. Supposedly this bond allows them to stay in Hungary for about 6 months but they then move on, naturally, to the rest of Europe. I had wondered why counterjewhad sites like Gates of Vienna are so supportive of Victor Orban (head of Hungary), and this may be why. On the one hand, he appears highly patriotic, but on the other, he facilitates the ongoing destruction of European nations and peoples.