Wednesday, 8 March 2017

I support Wilders and I have donated money to him myself but we should at least know who his principal financial backers are.
The parochial world of Dutch elections is not often seen as a hotbed of foreign intrigue. But in recent months, an unexpected worry has emerged: the influence of (((American))) money. The country’s fast-rising far-right leader, Geert Wilders, is getting help from (((American conservatives))) attracted to his anti-European Union and anti-Islam views. 
David Horowitz, an American right-wing activist, has contributed roughly $150,000 to Mr. Wilders’s Party for Freedom over two years — of which nearly $120,000 came in 2015, making it the largest individual contribution in the Dutch political system that year, according to recently released records. By American standards, the amount is a pittance. But to some Dutch, who are already fearful of possible Russian meddling in the election, the American involvement is an assault on national sovereignty. 
“It’s foreign interference in our democracy,” said Ronald van Raak, a senior member of Parliament in the opposition Socialist party, who has co-sponsored legislation to ban foreign donations. “We would not have thought that people from other countries would have been interested in our politics,” he said. “Maybe we underestimated ourselves.” 
... Mr. Horowitz, who has long sounded alarms on Muslim immigration, first rallied to Mr. Wilders’s side after the Dutch politician was put on trial in 2010 for inciting hatred against Muslims with a film he made that attacked the Quran; he was acquitted the next year. Mr. Wilders was more recently found guilty of incitement after leading an anti-Moroccan chant at a rally, though he avoided a fine. 
“I think he’s the Paul Revere of Europe,” Mr. Horowitz said in an interview. “Geert Wilders is a hero, and I think he’s a hero of the most important battle of our times, the battle to defend free speech,” he added, calling the situation in Europe a “nightmare.” David Horowitz, an American right-wing activist, contributed roughly $150,000 to Mr. Wilders’s Party for Freedom over two years, which is big money in Dutch politics. 
... Mr. Wilders’s backing of Israel, where he once lived, has set him apart from other far-right groups, and he has courted American Jews. (((Daniel Pipes))), another conservative American activist and a Harvard-educated historian known for his controversial statements on Islam, said in an email exchange that he hoped “the rise of the insurgent parties leads not to their forming governments but their sending a strong message to the legacy parties to wake up and deal with the imperative issues they have so long ignored.” 
Mr. Pipes said his foundation, the Middle East Forum, provided money in the “six figures” to help pay legal bills in Mr. Wilders’s trial over the film, but specifically to a legal fund, and has not provided political support. Mr. Pipes has called Mr. Wilders “the most important European alive today,” but has differed with him on his view of Islam, though he himself has expressed inflammatory views on the subject. 
Dutch records also show that two American foundations paid for Mr. Wilders’s flights and hotels on trips to the United States last year. One, the (((Gatestone Institute))), lists John R. Bolton, a combative former United Nations ambassador under George W. Bush, as its chairman. Another, the International Freedom Alliance Foundation, is backed by (((Robert J. Shillman))), a wealthy Trump supporter who paid for a digital ad in Times Square last year depicting Mr. Trump as Superman.

The Gatestone Institute is runby the Jewess Nina Rosenwald. Note that neither the New York Times nor Wilders' political opponents protesting about foreign money dare to point out that all of these "American conservatives" are Jewish. 

On the Times of Israel, a crazed-looking Jew called Moshe-Mordechai van Zuiden recently claimed, in a half-boasting, half-angry way, that Wilders is a Jew.

Geert Wilders is a Jew. His mother was a full Jewess. If they had been in Europe 80 years ago, his fake-blond hair and his racist talk would not have saved her not Geert from the gas chambers. Nor would his Czechoslovakian wife have made it, who is a Jewess too. But his parents survived in Indonesia. 
He’s not just a Jew, he’s also a half-blood – yet another embarrassment for racist Europe. But hydrogen peroxide makes his lush thick black Indonesian hair seem blond and so … he’s kosher enough for the Neo-Nazis. He looks and talks like a proud Aryan, and that’s what counts for now.


  1. None of this is any surprise; I read of it years ago including his family background. If any person, political leader, spokesman, etc, is supported by the 'counter-jihad' then you may be sure he is one of them or a useful tool (shabos goy) as with Marine Le Penn, Heinz-Christian Strache, Geert Wilders, the Swedish Democrat Party (Sverige Demokraterna), the AfD Party...When Ned May of Gates of Vienna ('baron bodissey') remarked some years ago that at least half the CJ 'movement' was jewish owned (he was approving of this fact), it was obvious that these political figures will never stray far from the approved path, and certainly not in the direction of truly standing up for the Caucasian AND Christian Europeans, Americans, Australians, Westerners. Anyone who still thinks that religion is irrelevant to this issue or that Christians are not in the cross hairs of all our enemies, is very naive or blind.

  2. Oh, and David Horowitz defined himself as a 'former Communist'. Diana West wrote a book a year or so ago about the Roosevelt Administration and the Second World War, which I haven't read, but Horowitz launched quite a concerted attack, along with others, on West. When I saw a list of Roosevelt Administration staff who had the most influence on him in the years leading up to the US's entry into the War, I realised why Horowitz et all were incensed by West's book which probably did not identify these White House staff by ethnic background but the very detail of some parts of her book would have set alarm bells ringing on the part of any clued-up person as to jewish influence in American politics especially in the pre-War years. GoV firmly defended West, but, of course, as with its coverage of all "The Left" in the US and the Soviet Union and elsewhere, it never enlightens its readership as to who the Left were and still are. It's a weird, 'through the Looking Glass' game which the age of the internet is piercing with uncomfortable facts.

  3. Yes, indeed. Zionism plays with the left and the right, to continue poisoning people and divide us.

    Already I think I said it a while ago. Thanked, Diversity, phenomenal info.

    Other interesting news for the people who vote in the West to their politicians and have children: