Sunday, 26 March 2017

Whenever people of non-European ancestral origin complain about the "prejudice" they supposedly experience in societies created and predominantly inhabited by Europeans, a question is silently begged but, due to the constraints of political correctness, almost never publicly framed and put to them explicitly. "Then why are you here?" "If the racism, the Islamophobia, the antisemitism, you experience is so bad, why don't you return to your country of ancestral origin, where, living among your own kind, you will at last be free of this terrible burden of prejudice?"

The truth is that they don't want to live among their own kind because they know full well what no guilt-ridden European leftist will ever admit, namely that people of non-European ancestral origin, with a few honourable exceptions, have a strong tendency to create cesspit societies, marked by poverty, misery, violence, lack of freedom and the all-pervading presence of primitive magical beliefs.

Recent statistics from Israel make this clear. Even Jews don't want to live with Jews.  
A whopping 27% of the Jewish population of Israel would leave the country if they could, according to a survey conducted for Masa Israeli – Israeli Roots Odyssey on the eve of its fourth conference to be held at the Knesset Monday. 
The highest rate of those who wish to leave was among secular Jews, where 36% said they would have left. Among religious Jews only 7% expressed the same wish.

This has the potential to become a serious problem. Whatever troubles Jews cause for us will be magnified if any significant number of them leave Israel to come and live in our societies. We need to encourage Jews to make their Aliyah so we can finally be free of them; and we need to inhibit movement in the opposite direction. Instead, we are seeing more and more European legislatures passing daft "restitution" laws for, often imaginary, wrongdoing, like this latest one from Greece.
Greek lawmakers passed a parliamentary amendment that will allow descendants of Holocaust survivors from Greece to apply for citizenship. The amendment passed on Thursday was praised on Saturday by the head of the country’s Central Board of Jewish Communities, the French news agency AFP reported. 
“This is a moral victory,” and a “fresh step forward in the recognition of the history of the Holocaust and of Greek Jews,” Central Board President David Saltiel told AFP. The Greek government in September 2011 passed an amendment to a new foreign resident law that automatically reinstated Greek citizenship for all Jews that were born in or before 1945. 
The number of Greek Jews affected by that amendment was about 300. The new amendment affects their descendants, most of whom live in Israel, according to AFP. 
The neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party voted against the legislation. It is the fourth largest party in the parliament. More than 50,000 Jews lived in the Greek city of Thessaloniki before the Holocaust. Some 80 percent were killed by the Nazis or their proxies. Today there are fewer than 5,000 Jews in Greece.

There are two important things that many people, including, no doubt, those who are drafting these laws, fail to grasp.

The first is the extraordinarily wide scope of gene dissemination. After a certain length of time, almost everyone living in a certain area ends up being related to everyone else. For example, it has been estimated that around 90% of the population of Britain is directly descended from William the Conqueror (although, with current immigration rates, it's probably down to about 80% by now). So, a poorly drafted law intended to provide "restitution" for historical expulsions of Jews (as we have seen in Spain and Portugal, for example) runs a risk of covering an enormous number of Jews if it is based on simple genetic descent. And not just Jews either. In North Africa, the Middle East and Turkey, many Jews have converted to Islam. If they had accurate enough information, a significant proportion of the current populations of Morocco, Algeria, etc. could probably demonstrate descent from Jews expelled from Spain and Portugal.

Second, the official definition of the term "Holocaust survivor" is extraordinary in its scope. When most people hear the term "Holocaust survivor", a picture is conjured up in their mind: an emaciated Jew in a queue for the gas chambers, waiting patiently to be turned into a lampshade. At the last moment, GIs turn up and save them, they start work on their memoirs and wait for the Hollywood book deal to arrive.

In reality, most "Holocaust survivors" never went anywhere near an "extermination" camp.

The "working definition" of a "Holocaust survivor" used by Jewish organisations is:
Any Jew who lived for any period of time in a country that was ruled by the Nazis or their allies.

This definition covers almost the whole of continental Europe, as well as North Africa and parts of the Middle East. Any Jew who merely resided in these territories while Adolf Hitler was Chancellor of Germany counts as a "Holocaust survivor". If a Jew was squatting on the Bikku Bitti mountain at the southern tip of Libya while German forces were engaged in Tobruk more than 750 miles away, he counts as a "Holocaust survivor".  And the status seems, in some way, to be hereditary, passed down through the generations like a family heirloom.


  1. CZ: Do you have the source for the "working definition" of a "Holocaust survivor" used by Jewish organisations? I never knew of this and it would be very useful to get this, with the source, onto other sites and especially newspaper online sites. Thanks,

    1. See this.

      The two researchers reached radically different conclusions. On Ukeles' count, there are 687,900 Holocaust survivors in the world today. DellaPergola's estimate is much larger: 1,092,000 survivors.

      Both demographers relied on the same standard in terms of defining a Holocaust survivor: Any Jew who lived for any period of time in a country that was ruled by the Nazis or their allies is called a Holocaust survivor (by DellaPergola) or a Nazi victim (by Ukeles).

      The gap in the results derives mainly from DellaPergola's decision to count as a survivor Jews who lived in the Holocaust period in North African countries (excluding Egypt), Syria and Lebanon. On his estimate, out of the 600,000 Jews who lived in these countries during the Holocaust period, about a quarter million are alive today, and about 150,000 of them live in Israel.

  2. I can think of one excellent reason why so-called 'secular' jews want to leave Israel: Orthodox Jews refuse to do military service in Israel because they don't accept the creation of Israel because it was a political creation, not a religious one. So, that leaves all those liberal, secular jews to man the barricades and we all know how much liberals hate guns! Also, the Orthodox Jews are the largest group, world-wide, of all jewish sects (liberal, reform, etc) and, because they believe men should spend their lives reading and 'studying' the Talmud, rather than actually working for a living and paying taxes, it's their wives who may do some work outside the home but, in the main, Orthodox jews live on welfare and social benefits (and lots of fraud in that respect, too) and have very large families, so I would assume many secular jews in Israel are tired of doing the heavy lifting and footing the bills for the sponging, parasitic lay-abouts. All sounds so cosy and familiar, doesn't it. As for the Greeks, Spaniards and Portuguese handing out citizenship to this lot on such spurious grounds as 'holocaust survivor, I seem to recall someone in the Old Testament who sold his inheritance and heritage for a bowl of porridge. Didn't work out well for him, either.

  3. Jews cant live with each other perennially.
    They were unable to administer their own nation and predatory behaviour was so great they ASKED the Romans to govern them and enforce the rule of law.60 yrs later they REBELLED against Roman rule LOL. They massacred a Roman army.Which of course brought an overwhelming response resulting in the destruction of Jerusalem.(Which was a Roman built city LOL) Rebels everywhere they go attacking their host their natural behaviour. Oh what to do with them?