Thursday, 9 March 2017

Dimitris Avramopoulos recently gave a speech at the "Conference on Migration, Security and how they affect the Future of Europe" in Geneva. His speech was full of the usual platitudes. What he said in an interview with a Swiss newspaper was more revealing.
In future, the Twenty-Seven will need 6 million immigrants," said the European Commissioner. "We are going to open offices in all the countries of the southern coast of the Mediterranean and West Africa. It's the best way of fighting against the traffickers."

He also uttered a blatant falsehood about jihad attacks, claiming only one had been committed by a refugee.
"As for terrorist attacks in the EU, they were committed by European citizens. With only one exception, it was never done by refugees!" 

Just off the top of my head, the Berlin attack was done by a refugee, the Bataclan was done by refugees, there have been other knife and bomb attacks in Germany done by refugees. And there have been others too. The statement he made is a gross falsehood. Of course, the Establishment media won't be correcting his falsehoods, as they are so eager to do for Trump.


  1. 6 Million, Hummm..... where have I heard that number before?

  2. Número mágico, Diversity.

  3. We need to replace 6 milion smoked up the chimney in WWII with sun smoked Africans.