Friday, 10 March 2017


The establishment media is going out of its way to cover up the fact that the perpetrator of the axe attack was a Muslim. Again we see what may be a jihad attack dismissed with talk of "mental health issues". The authorities, and their lackeys in the press, are repeatedly emphasising that there are no signs the attack had anything to do with terrorism. Many press reports conceal the attackers name: Fatmir. H. [In Germany they usually give only the first letter of a perpetrator's last name]. It is clearly an Islamic name. They say he came from the "former Yugoslavia". In practice, this means the Muslim colony of Kosovo. 

Why are so many of these "nothing to do with terrorism" spree attacks carried out by Muslims? If mental health issues are to blame, why do "mental health issues" seem so prevalent among Muslims? The reality is that Islam nurtures an all-pervading sense of animosity towards anyone who isn't a Muslim. Even when a Muslim is not consciously perpetrating jihad, that emotional background acts as a facilitator for violence.



  1. CZ: Where is the source for the attacker's name as Fatmir H?

    1. Have just read the Daily Mail report which does name him as Fatmir H from Kosovo. Thanks