Thursday, 2 March 2017

This relates to the story I published a few days ago (link). It's notable that it takes an American talk show host to even raise this topic for discussion. In Europe, the measure passes unremarked and unremarkable in a continent where censorship is now routine, particularly when there is any discussion of the replacement of the continent's indigenous population by alien peoples.

Note how Corbett continually invokes Jews to justify the need to suppress free speech. Corbett is an elected representative for Yorkshire and Humber. If you feel he is not appropriately representing you, you should feel free to express that view to him. Here is the contact information from his web page.


  1. The way to deal with this is to expose what Judaism actually teaches as an ideology because this restriction on free speech is really about keeping Judaism, and its adherents and their social/financial/political activities, from being discussed, analysed or criticised. Once Judaism is seen as a highly ethno-centric ideology which supports deceit and dishonesty in relations with non-adherents, and that it permits sexual abuse of children and that its notion of the truth is simply always subjective, never objective, and that it is openly in its texts hostile to Christians and Christianity, it will be realised that this ideology is totalitarian, bigoted and very dangerous especially since jews own a dominant part of the media in all its forms. "Lashon hara" IS political correctness and it has been around for at least a millenia and a half and, if left unexposed, it will succeed in shutting down freedom of speech AND freedom of thought.

    1. Even more broadly, this is about outlawing any objection to White genocide.
      You can say, "I'm opposed to immigration" but you can't say, "I'm opposed to immigration from Africa" because doing so would legitimize the opposition to allowing an infinite number of non-Whites into Europe and every other White culture to destroy the heritage and DNA of indigenous White people.

  2. just in case there's anyone who reads this blog directly, rather than on the Daily Stormer...