Wednesday, 22 February 2017

This is David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh in the West Bank. There is clearly a difference in attitude between Israeli Jews with their own country to defend and the rootless, cosmopolitan Jews of the diaspora with someone else's country to give away. It seems all are addicted to Nazi memes, however.
“We need to be talking about the Islamo-Nazis and the far left Nazis... ...I know that there were many Jewish liberals who were out there at these ridiculous ‘I am a Muslim too’ rallies. Does that mean that they support jihad?”


  1. Time to talk about the AshkeNAZIS, don't you think? How about their denigration of the rest of humanity as not even human ? (going quite a bit further than the National Socialist untermenschen concept...). Or their talmud's support for deceit and deceiving non-jews with usury...Or sexual abuse of infants and children...Or their world supremacist goal of Tikkun Olam...No time to talk of non-existant "nazis" when all this is still around, waiting to be exposed...