Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Some negro commentary caught my eye today, so I thought I'd share it with you.

The negress Diane Abbott posts one of the screeds we regularly see from female politicians about how bad men say mean things to them and we need to shut down the internet because it's the current year and this shouldn't be allowed.
[snip pointless reminiscences]...But suppose that someone had told me back then that 30 years on I would be receiving stuff like this: “Pathetic useless fat black piece of shit Abbott. Just a piece of pig shit pond slime who should be fucking hung (if they could find a tree big enough to take the fat bitch’s weight”). I think that even the young, fearless Diane Abbott might have paused for thought.

One phrase that Abbott used struck me as especially chilling.
But if online commentary and the rise in racist incidents are anything to go by, there is a danger that Brexit could give some people permission to express sentiments that are anything but progressive and internationalist. And as the world adjusts to a Trump presidency there is also a danger that his misogyny and virulent anti-immigrant narrative will become normalised.
Apparently, this African woman thinks that British people living in their own country now need permission to express sentiments that are not progressive and internationalist. Scary.

Another negro complains that he "felt like a minority" when he studied at a British university.
...I chose instead to study at the London School of Economics. But despite its relatively high acceptance of students who are black and from areas under-represented in higher education, I still felt like part of a minority there.
The negro went on to complain that negroes constituted only 2.7% of students at the best British universities even though this is almost identical to their share of the population.
According to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, black students accounted for just 2.7% of Russell Group university students in 2010-11, the academic year before I went to university.

On the basis of this bogus complaint, he then claims that the "specific cultural positioning" of negroes causes them to be perceived as less intelligent. Apparently this "specific cultural positioning" involves not speaking in proper sentences or pulling their trousers up.
We must challenge the unconscious racial and socioeconomic bias in admissions processes, which David Lammy, the Labour MP and former higher education minister, recently cited as an explanation for the low admission of black and working-class students. The specific cultural positioning of students from diverse backgrounds causes interviewers to perceive them not to be as “widely read”, “articulate” or “well-presented” as their counterparts; their intelligence is overlooked and eclipsed by other trivial factors such as dress or accent.
Someone has to ask: What have the British people gained from allowing these people in?


  1. Diversity, aquí ganamos nosotros. En España se permite a los extranjeros ser senadores :

    - El hombre indio, no sabe hablar castellano.

    - Es independentistas catalan.

    - No acatan la Constitución ( el hombre indio dice Constitución de la República Catalana ; que no existe tal República catalana, ni tampoco constitución catalana ).

    Aquí el video de la persona que dice algo parecido a la Constitución de la República Catalana, pero no a la Constitución Española :


    Sin embargo, lo admiten como senador.

    Esto se pone al rojo vivo, máxime cuando el sujeto tiene vínculos con terroristas islámicos e independentistas ( extranjeros también ) :


  2. Propaganda de guerra ( de Soros ) contra miembros del gobierno de Trump :


  3. ¨ Doritos ¨ with LGTB :


    Diversity, )

  4. NETFLIX :

  5. Un grupo de moros secuestran a una mujer en Francia, un hombre intenta socorrerle y los moros le disparan. ( Estamos en guerra Diversity ).


  6. Hong Kong ( criminal muslims banned by local citizens ) :

  7. Diversity, this is not good news, sorry :


  8. The Communist politician condemned for abusing a girl enters citizen Council of ¨Podemos¨ Communist formation.


    It's happening, criminals within the Chamber of Deputies.


  9. Child_ren Y_i_ha_d :