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                                                             A jew and a muslim

Many think that the female muslim headscarf, the hijab, is something originally muslim. Actually, just like many other things in Islam, it is borrowed from Judaism. The jewish hijab is called the Tichel. After the wedding ceremony, Orthodox Jews believe that women should only show their hair to their husbands.

The Jewish Tichel:

Here you can see a jew explaining why jews feel close to muslims.

Citation begins:

"The Striking Similarities Between Muslims And Jews You Never Realized

 For two groups of people who are often seen as enemies in a political sense, Jews and Muslims actually have so much in common.

There's more that unites Muslims and Jewish people than divides them. Have you ever realized these beautiful similarities the people of each faith have?

1. Covering Hair

Both Muslim and Jewish women cover their hair for modesty reasons, just a little differently. Often, Muslim women wear a hijab, while Jewish women wear a head scarf or a wig called a sheitel.

2. Praying

While the way Muslims and Jews pray is somewhat different, it's actually not all that far apart. Muslims pray five times a day, and Jews pray three. All Jews around the world pray in Hebrew, and all Muslims around the world pray in Arabic. Both wear a "kippah" on their heads. Muslim and jewish males are both circumcised. They both reject pork and both must eat religiously approved food - kosher in the case of jews, and halal in the case of muslims.

3. Being semitic

The term Semitic refers to people who speak the Semitic languages, such as Hebrew and Arabic, among others. Many Muslims and Jews, by being Semitic, tend to have very similar physical traits.

4. The language: 

The language of Jews, Hebrew, and of Muslims, Arabic, are so similar that often people who aren't familiar with either can't tell them apart. Above is the word shalom in Hebrew, and salaam in Arabic, which can be translated to anything from hello, peace, welcome or goodbye."

Citation ends.

You think that the burka is only a muslim thing? Well, there is a jewish sect where the women wear full burkas. And no one in Israel is stopping them from doing that. No one bans the jewish burka, also called the frumka. These women are not muslims. These are jewish women.

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  1. read this: Muhammad was a Jewish pseudo-messiah
    And this: Muhammad the Jew
    Muhammad was Jewish, his mother Amina was Jewish, his 1st wife Khadija was Jewish, his tribe Hashim was ethnically Jewish, they descended from the Jews expelled by Emperor Hadrian in 135 AD, he used to pray towards Jerusalem (the 1st quibla) until he exiled himself to Medina because the rabbis rejected his claim to prophethood. Muslims stone people, don't eat pork, circumcise exactly like Jews. When Jews were expelled from Spain for collaborating with the Ottoman Turks they fled to Istanbul. Jewish Viziers like Samuel ibn Naghrila ruled over Christians for their Muslim masters, they served as interpreters, administrators, viziers, slave traders for Muslims.

    1. Muhammad's tribe, the Qurayesh are genetically closely related to the 'elite' Jewish Cohen haplogroup
      "... there are some peculiarities in the male paternal lineage of descendants of the clade L859+, the dominant haplotype among the Quraysh, Muhammad’s tribe. This lineage, L859+ is a clade within haplogroup J1, which includes the famous Cohen modal haplogroup. On the L859+ tree above you see that the Qurayshi’s are a brother clade to ZS22012. This is traditionally a Jewish lineage. ..."

    2. yes, tribe Quraesh clan Hashim, like the hashemite kingdom of jordan whose king claims descent from muhammad

  2. Replies
    1. Aren't these the same kind of Jews undermining Israel, the anti-zionist ones, like the Neturei Karta and others? They embrace the Palestinians, who have vowed to exterminate Israel. These morons cover they ears when Muslims taunt them yelling "remember Khaybar" in celebration after they've killed Jews in Israel.

  3. Here's a great link that details the similarity between Islam and Judaism