Sunday, 19 February 2017

Two councillors from the anti-immigration Lega Nord party give out bananas in Milan to protest against the palm trees (and later banana trees) being planted across the city by Starbucks (see here for more on this).

Meanwhile some Italian MPs are openly calling for Italy to be repopulated by Africans. The phrase coined by the French writer Renaud Camus to describe the repopulation of Europe by non-Europeans, the "Great Replacement", has entered public consciousness in much of continental Europe. You see it on protest signs and occasionally hear it mentioned in political debates, especially in France, where it's often referred to as a "conspiracy theory". But here, in Italy, there are mainstream populations openly calling for such repopulation.

Is it possible to welcome migrants, based on the diffuse SPRAR reception model, to combat the depopulation of internal areas? It seems to be the most effective solution, and the model that has been put in place by some Calabrian municipalities has been recommended by the PD [leftist party] deputy Enza Bruno Bossio to all communities at risk of depopulation. 
"Integration can give rise to social richness," Bruno Bossio said to the press agency DIRE.

Here's a propaganda film showing how great it is for Italy to be repopulated by Africans.


But if native Italians leave these villages because they can't find work there, how can Africans? They can't. It's not possible. If they are working at all, it can only be on some government-subsidised scheme. In other words, they are living at the expense of the Italian taxpayer. But if you wanted to pay people to do uneconomical work in villages at risk of depopulation, why not pay Italians to do it? Why not pay the original inhabitants of the village to stay?

And are these Africans really going to want to live in isolated rural villages? Of course not. At the first chance they would be off to the big cities looking for drugz and hoz. So will they have legal restrictions on residence imposed on them? I doubt it.


  1. It's done because those who rule Europe, are still ruling in the US, despite Trump, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, all over, hate us. We, being Caucasian, Christian and therefore belonging to the group which has the highest overall achievement rate, are the greatest threat to their plans for world domination. One needs a dumbed-down, emotional (not rational) 'new race' as slaves (think Coudenhove-Kalergi, who is certainly do a post of his own if you never have done one). I still read so many hundreds of comments, everywhere in print, where readers still believe that what is being inflicted on them is due to stupidity, naievete, clinging to outmoded ideologies, etc on the part of rulers, instead of recognising and accepting that the leaders are evil and are the enemy. As for the chap at the helm in Italy, he was, I believe, appointed by the EU, not elected. I rest my case.