Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Here is an interesting article I came across in the New York Times archive. Dr. Nahum Goldmann of the World Jewish Congress warns that "Six million Jews in Europe are doomed to destruction". But note the date at the bottom: June 25 1940. The Wannsee conference, which is supposed to have made arrangements for the "Final Solution", was not held until January 1942. How could Goldmann have known in advance the exact number of Jews that would perish? 

Later he talks about "even the 4,000,000 Jews in Russia..." Is this 4 million figure supposed to be part of the previously mentioned 6 million figure or separate from it? In context, it's ambiguous, but I read it as implying that the 4 million were part of the 6 million European Jews. After all, he mentions the 6 million in the context of a final Nazi victory, implying that the Nazis would have conquered the whole of Europe and therefore have power over all of the continent's Jews. This reasoning implies that 4 million Jews were living in Russian territories and 2 million elsewhere in Europe, amounting to 6 million Jews in Europe in total. But if there were 6 million Jews in Europe in total and 6 million were killed, how can so many have survived to tell their stories and move to Israel, etc.? No one seriously claims that 100% or even close to 100% of Europe's Jews were killed in the Holocaust. Somehow these numbers do not compute, and there is something very strange about this Six Million figure having been decided in advance.


  1. If you think this is peculiar, check through the New York Times's archives from the late 19th century, and a few other American newspapers, too. They all, except for one, mention six million jews under threat of 'starvation' or 'persecution', etc. The one exception mentions a figure of five millions. Interestingly, too, many of these articles, especially the NYT ones, use this figure in terms of an appeal to their readers to raise funds for these jews supposedly in dire straits in Europe. Probably, a scam which garnered considerable funds for zionist causes which were especially strong in the US. Remember that when Lenin travelled to Russia in that infamous 'sealed train carriage\ like a 'virus', he was actually accompanied by about 200 jews from the US, especially the New York area which still has a huge and growing population of orthodox jews, orthodox being the largest growing demography amongst jews world-wide. I have seen articles about Russia (in terms, I believe, over the supposed 'pogroms') in which the six millions number is posited as having been the surmised jewish population in the Pale of Settlement (an extensive area of land in Russia in which many ethnicities, not only jewish, lived). There may be the possibility that this number is actually derived from mention in the talmud" 'myriad' or 'muriod' is a Greek word which in modern parlance has the general meaning of 'a great number' but in ancient Greek it also meant specifically 10,000. One can see where this word, known by and probably used by the talmudists, would have been a shorthand number for six million (600 x a myriod). The talmud does have some incredible exaggerations re numbers of jews as supposed victims of Roman abuse.

  2. CZ: Check out the following dates of New York Times articles that mention six million figure:

    June 11th, 1900 (Rabbi Wise's Address)
    May 16th, 1903 (More details of the Kishineff Massacre)
    Sept 16th, 1903 (The Macedonian Massacres)
    Dec 2nd, 1914 (Appeal for Aid for Jews)
    Oct 18th, 1918 ($1,000,000,000 Fund to Rebuild Jewry) "Six Millions Souls will need Heal to Resume Normal Life When War is Ended"
    Nov 12th, 1919 Tells Sad Plight of Jews
    June 1st, 1933 German Poet is Safe (Else Lasker Schuler, Reported Missing..."stating that she had run away from the holocaust...")
    Sept 8th, 1935 Congress Defends Polish Jews
    Nat 31stm 1936 Americans Appeal for Jewish Refuge Pro-Palestine Federation Asks Britain to Take a Strong Course in Holy Land
    Jan 15th, 1939 "Rabbi Silver wanted assistance to Jewish emigration safeguarded so that European governments would realise that "It is impossible to evacuate 6,000,000 Jews"
    Oct 2nd, 1941 Yom Kippur Ends in plea for Peace... the peace-makers may so order the pattern of the future as to avoid the likelihood of another holocaust"
    Jan 8th, 1945 "Six Million Jews Dead" Jacob Lestchinsky Estimates Reduction in Europe since '39 "Of the 6,000,000 European Jews who had died, 5,000,000 had lived in the countries under Hitler's occupation," he said.

    CZ: This is only the tip of the iceberg, it goes back to the 19th century with newspaper accounts using that figure in American, British and Australian newspapers.

    1. Or maybe look at population studies from that era and you'll understand that people knew the results of censuses back then and thus referred to them appropriately. I suggest you all try to get access to actual academic studies on populations and demographics before jumping to conclusions based on anecdotal evidence, confirmation bias, and with patterns of discussion that are ripe with red herring fallacies.

  3. typo on one of the dates, should read:

    May 31st, 1936 American Appeal for Jewish Refuge...

  4. Chapter 10 of Nicholas Kollerstrom’s Breaking the Spell (PDF, p157) lists ‘166 pre-Nuremberg Six-Million sources’, beginning with the New York Times of 11 June 1900.

    Kollerstrom also refers to Don Heddesheimer’s The First Holocaust which, he writes, ‘features a remarkable collection of press clippings and propaganda articles dating back to the late 19th century whereby claims of the suffering and imminent extermination of European Jewry were used for fundraising. The magic six million number got going around the time of the First International Zionist Congress of 1897.’

  5. Las consecuencias de La Famosa Propaganda perduran hasta hoy día.

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