Monday, 20 February 2017

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"We've been such nice little Jews for him for so long. We let him off the hook time after time after time. 

We largely let him get away with marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day by pointedly omitting any mention of the Jews, then choosing that very day to issue an order choking off immigration of non-Christian refugees fleeing genocide. The neo-Nazis and Klan people and the sewer trolls adored that.

Yes, Donald Trump IS an anti-Semite

We have to just come out with it, those of us who are American Jews in the media. It's time we made Trump bathe in his own batshit. "


Trump's daugther married a jew? Not enough. Trump is pro-Israel? Its never enough. Whatever you do for the jews, it will never be enough. With jews, you lose.

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  1. Es que el término -semita- es referido a La Biblia, SEM.

    Los árabes y los propios cristianos son semitas.

    ¿ Qué nos venden ?

  2. As for his daughter marrying a jew, it takes six generations (that infamous numeral 6 again!) before a convert's offspring and future generations are considered truly 'jewish.' Welcome to the harsh reality of theology. It does make sense to study what the core texts of any ideology teach. The Western world, which is Christian, and is, theologically, therefore, the true Israelites who were saved ("I have come to save the lost sheep of Israel) need to now fully expose Judaism as an ideology and in that manner, the actions of both Israel and Jewish sources of power --- communications, lobbies in US Congress, NGOs, EU, NATO, US government --- will be revealed as inimical to Western peoples.

  3. With phrases like "We let him get away with", it's almost as if the author believed some of those "antisemitic tropes" about Jewish control of the media.

    1. The point about the statement "We let him get away with it" is that, as total control freaks, Jews must never let up and must always push the 'anti-semite' meme. I doubt if there are truly attacks in the US of any large number against jews; as with Moslems, it is a case of their offended perception of less than perfect kowtowing from the gentiles which determines 'anti-semitism'. Also, note that jews never blame the Moslems who are the most likely to do any violent attacks. The idea is to inculcate complete subservience on the part of CHRISTIANS. This is anti-Christian warfare by Jews and that's what we should call it.

  4. Thanks for using my source and providing a different perspective (the "we let him get away with it" hasn't occurred to me). This site has become a wonderful resource and one which I link to often.

  5. Ohh, this one good...Diversity... :