Thursday, 23 February 2017


This is a welcome departure from the standard pattern. Usually we get propaganda extolling the benefits of migration/brown people/Islam. Here we have counter-propaganda financed by the Swiss government. They have actually paid for a whole television series to be filmed and then broadcast in Africa! It tells the story of an African invader whose dreams go tragically unrealised. The message is clear: Don't come here, brown people, it's not going to work out.


  1. Lo que nadie entiende es que casi todas las organizaciones humanitarias y oeneges politizadas contra Occidente, suelen referir que los occidentales reprimimos a los extrajeros no occidentales.

    Entonces.., ¿ para qué llegan aquí ?

    Si los oprimimos y los maltratamos para qué vienen a Occidente.

    Lo mejor del video es cuando saltan la valla, y aparece el GPS.

    Es pura propaganda de guerra anti-occidental, Diversity, gracias, artículos de información excelente, muy bueno. )

  2. There are lots of very rich people in Switzerland, maybe they do not want diversity for their enclave, but still want it for ordinary people? Or maybe democracy is working better there? The "far right" SVP is very popular, it is the largest party in Switzerland, something that still can not be observed in most other european countries, with the exception of Poland.