Monday, 20 February 2017

Jews Jew even themselves. They just can't help it. Remember this racket is being run by the Chief Rabbinate, supposedly the holiest of all Jews.
Hotel owners and officials from the Association of Hotels in Israel leveled fierce criticism at the Chief Rabbinate on Monday in a special Knesset committee hearing on the provision of kashrut in the country, ahead of a critical High Court of Justice hearing on the issue on Tuesday. 
Speaking in the committee, one hotel owner alleged that kashrut supervisors have in the past demanded three hotel rooms for their guests as part of his supervisory services over one of the Jewish holidays, while another hotel owner said he and others were “captives” of the chief rabbinate, since they had no other option to provide kashrut supervision. 
According to the Law for Kashrut Supervision, restaurants, hotels, food businesses and other establishments cannot declare themselves to be kosher if they do not have a kashrut license from the rabbinate. 
...Noaz Bar-Nir director of the Association of Israeli Hotels noted that kashrut regulation makes up 4 percent of the cost of hotel stays, and costs hotels NIS 366million a year. 
Yishai Barnea, owner of the Yehudah Hotel in Jerusalem accused the rabbinate of interfering in hotel activities unrelated to kashrut, as well as alleging that kashrut supervisors sometimes demand to be paid in cash, as well as conducting other illegal practices. 
“How is it possible that a kashrut supervisor needs to take three rooms in the hotel for an entire [Jewish] holiday,” asked Barnea. “All of this is because he can demand and there is no option of choosing from different kashrut authorities. God’s name is being desecrated a great deal in our field,” he declared. 
He said though that interference in the functioning of a hotel outside of the realm of kashrut was unnecessary, and also criticized the well-known practice of kashrut supervisors who force businesses to buy produce from specific suppliers, often due to an arrangement between the supervisor and the supplier. 
Hotels have often complained that the local rabbinate would create problems for hotels which function in ways it disaproves of. Some hotels have been warned over hosting hold New Year's Eve parties and having Christmas trees in the lobby, including those which host Christian guests, while others have complained of warnings for having laundry rooms open over Shabbat and similar issues.

Exactly the same thing is going on in Britain.
A Jewish Chronicle investigation has revealed that some kosher caterers appear to be overcharging customers for the services of a shomer by as much as three times — and falsely blaming the Kosher London Beth Din (KLBD) for the increased prices. 
One customer said the caterers seem to simply “make up figures”. The kosher authority, which supervises more than 40 catering companies, admitted that it has received reports of caterers attempting to exploit consumers by overcharging for the shomer, the person responsible for ensuring the food preparation is in accordance with kashrut laws.


  1. Firstly, the whole area of "kosher certified" foods and non-edible products is an enormous racket and is worth looking into, CZ, because one suspects that, although some of the profits go into private pockets, the reality is likely that, being a world-wide system of 'shaking down' global corporations who must secure a kosher certificate for their goods, the majority of profits are going to fund jewish movements world-wide, very much to the detriment of gentiles. You would be surprised how many food products and non-edible ones actually have these symbols on them. The same with halal products although, in their case, islamic law via the koran, also provides that the income derived from selling halal must go in a certain percentage towards Zakat, one of the uses of which according to Koran 9.60 is to fund Jihad. I have always regarded it as rather suspicious that the 'counter-jihad' never delved into this, probably because they feared it would draw attention to the kosher con.

    Secondly, any ideology which has within it a concept of deceit, and of regarding those not within it as easy targets for deceit, and combines this with usury (considered a sin worse than sodomy in the Old Testament, but the Talmud permits it towards non-jews), will eventually allow this discrimination to peter down into its own peoples, according to how the people are seen in the 'pecking order.' After all, the biggest extortion racket of all concerns the number presumed murdered in WWII; that has netted them billions in both monies, munitions (principally from US and Germany), and museums, tours, lectures and increased power in all spheres of life, including purchasing most forms of media world-wide.