Monday, 27 February 2017

First they came for Michael Flynn. In July 2016, Flynn had retweeted an antisemitic tweet. Although he later said it was a mistake and apologised, this was obviously not good enough for the Jews.

Then they turned their fire on Bannon, because Bannon Knows. But it seems Trump and Bannon are too close for their attacks to have shaken his position.

Their eyes have now fixed on Sebastian Gorka, a Hungarian raised in Britain who has carved out a reputation as an Islam-basher in America. The Jews would probably have been OK with that, welcomed it even, since they created the Counterjewhad movement which has obviously influenced him. But, unfortunately, he also has ties to "far-right" figures in Hungary with "ties to antisemitism". 

After these connections were brought to light by the Jewish Daily Forward last week (link), there is clearly an orchestrated assault on Gorka now underway. Various hit pieces have appeared in the press, almost all written by people with Jewish-sounding names.



One character, Michael S. Smith II, has been launching a series of bizarre attacks on Gorka on his Twitter feed, calling him a "Fake Terrorism Expert". As far as I know, Smith isn't Jewish himself, but I would hazard a guess that he has been put up to this by someone. Here he has recorded and published a private phone call Gorka made to him. Smith continually claims that Gorka has some animus to him and is "unhinged". In fact, Gorka sounds perfectly reasonable. He is clearly puzzled about why this guy is constantly attacking him. It is Smith who sounds unhinged and driven by an inexplicable animus.

Ultimately, these attacks can only succeed if Trump weakens and gives in to the feeding frenzy, as he did with Flynn (unless there was something else behind that that we still don't know about). If Trump gives in again, the Jews will soon be casting round for their next target.


  1. Simple reason for there being so-called "far-right" groups in Hungary with "ties to anti-semitism". Just look at the history of Hungary in the 20th century and check out the Hungarian names' derivations of the leaders of the Hungarian Communists who were responsible for so many thousands of people murdered in the latter part of the 20th century: the leaders of the Hungarian Communist Party and the leaders of the Hungarian government under Communism were Jews. Victor Orban, the present head of Hungary, made a speech commemorating the many thousands killed during that period and referring throughout to the Christian history of Hungary; a rather subtle way of getting the facts across, although you would never guess it from the likes of Gates of Vienna or any of the 'counter-jihad' sites which never mention the Jewish ethnic background of some of the worst mass murderers in European history. I'm guessing that's why they are now ranging themselves against another Trump member of staff who is Hungarian. We need to get these facts out; the more that is known, the shakier is their choking grasp on our freedoms and countries.

    1. The Counterjewhad sites are against Gorka, or some other Hungarian?

    2. Perhaps I wasn't clear that the "they" to whom I referred were the jews in general who are now targeting Gorka. Remembering the thread you put up some days ago based on an article from the Israeli paper, Haaretz, the 'official' jewish view in the media is probably that Trump is not proving enough of a subservient shabbos goy and that, rather than go directly for him, they will target various members of his staff with the insinuation of 'anti-semitism' until they think they have isolated Trump sufficiently to get him to do their bidding.